Is Samsung charm fading away!


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Samsung was struggling in smartphone market with strong Nokia, Blackberry and Apple devices being favorite of masses. Then came the game changer Samsung Galaxy S I9000 in 2010 which literally was one of the best smartphone of that time.

With similar great launches Samsung kept moving forward and today is world leader in smartphone having overtaken the fallen Nokia and Blackberry. Apple is also consistently growing with premium loyal customers at door.


This is the main problem for Samsung as it isn’t perceived as a premium brand. Samsung devices works great, their specification’s and features are up to date yet customers are getting dissatisfied due to poor design.

HTC and Sony are taking over Android lovers who fancy great looking devices. Samsung is loosing market share everywhere just because some people don’t want all device to look same. Samsung needs to change design and choice of materials for new products to keep customers on board.

One more point is price, Samsung generally cuts price every 2-months in many markets frustrating previous customers. Its good for sales but customers feels cheated with device selling at half the price just after a year ahead of launch. Samsung needs to tone down aggressive price reduction to maintaining loyalty.

Another main issue is not so good low range devices in emerging market’s where competition is stiff from local and Chinese brand’s which is hurting sales. Samsung need to offer some great products in mid-range and low-range for budget customers or else local and Chinese vendors will capture the segment.

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