Android Complete Backup and Restore Guide: Backup SMS, Contacts, Call Logs, Apps, Data or Full System


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Android is know for its versatility and customization. Every part of operating system can be tweaked but with this benefit comes a risk. If due to some mistake or error current system get’s messed up one might end up loosing all user data. Hours of games progress or 1000’s of holiday pics risk is always consistent.

Therefore there’s a need to create timely backup if you like experimenting with device and are trying to root your phone as any step gone wrong may cause permanent data loss.

 icon-briefcase  Phone Data Backup

Its very simple in Android to perform backup’s with tons of applications, one can easily backup their Android Device offline or online in just few seconds.

Backing up SMS, Call Logs, Contacts, Bookmarks, Application,etc. without root privileges with these simple apps.

Application Backup

Their are two ways to create applications and games backup.

    • One way is simple .apk backup where only the game or application is backed up and upon resorting you will have to re-login or start from scratch as if you have installed application from Play Store.
    • Second way is to create back up with app-data which enables you to restore along with  the save files, so their’s no need to start from scratch all your hard earned game progress and achievements will stay as it is.

First way is simple and easy, their’s no need of root privileges also. Second method is for those who can’t say goodbye to their app-data but it needs more effort and root permissions.

SMS/MMS/Call Logs and Contacts Backup

SMS, MMS, Call Logs and Contacts can be backed up quiet easily without much hassle and there’s are tons of application in Play Store which can perform the task. We will take a look at them below.

 icon-arrow-right Backup without Root

Super Backup : SMS & Contacts

Super Backup Android

Super Backup is an ultra simple app with all required features. Though it has a boring dated UI which but as long as it performs we won’t complain. Online backup is supported with Super Backup and is both very easy and schedule-able, which is freaking awesome. It can also back up application with App-Data if root privileges are granted.


    • Backup apps to SD card
    • Backup & restore app’s data(need root)
    • Batch restore apps from SD card (need root)
    • Backup Contacts & SMS & Call logs & Bookmarks & Calendars to SD card
    • Restore Contacts & SMS & Call logs & Bookmarks & Calendars from SD card
    • Can select SMS conversations to backup
    • Delete the backup data on SD card
    • Schedule automatic backups
    • Auto upload scheduled backup files to your Gmail
    • Show last backup count & time
    • User can change backup folder path in Settings
    • Can backup Contact’s group and picture properties
    • Ads-free version available for $1.99 only
→  Download Super Backup  |  Pro version ($1.99)

Alternatively one can try Go Backup but as it requires pro version for SMS/MMS Backup Super Backup was the choice of our editor’s.

icon-arrow-right Backup with Root

ROM Toolbox Lite


ROM toolbox isone of the best phone data and app backups with or without data, but it also gets you various other features to customize your rooted phone to its derive  maximum benefit. UI is modern and pro version is totally worth at $ 4.99.

    • Batch backup & restore apps and their data
    • Schedule backups to run at a certain time
    • Restore apps from nandroid backups
    • Backup/Restore text messages, bookmarks, accounts, etc.
    • Backup your apps to dropbox
    • Freeze/Defrost system & user apps
    • Backup/restore Android Market link
    • Task manager
    • Automated batch uninstaller
    • E-mail your apps to friends
    • Move any user app to the SD card
    • Clean up dalvik-cache
    • Zipalign, fix permissions, wipe data & cache, force close any app
    • Various Other features……………………
→  Download ROM Toolbox Lite  |  Pro Version ($4.99)

Other noticeable backup apps with root permissions are Titanium Backup and My Backup Pro.


Okay, that’s it for the backup apps, as their are tons of alternatives we have not mentioned here other ways. Simple and easy backup was only mentioned.

If you feel that any other method is easier or You are facing any difficulty do let us know in comments. Do share post if you find it useful.

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