Best Android Flagship Phone of 2014


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This year there has been addition of various brands in mobile phone industry. Some brands were new while some were yet to establish their brand in this industry. Yet we saw many great flagship’s this year. Here are best 2014 flagship smart phones.

HTC One 2014(M8)

HTC One M8

HTC One(M7) was one of the best smart phone of 2013 and in 2014, HTC yet again managed to deliver with their flagship device HTC One(M8). More metal and rounded design, Ultra Pixel Camera aided with depth sensor and hugely popular and improved boomsound speakers HTC did craft a beauty.

What’s more is highly beautified Sense 6, along with top of line specification and decent 2600mAh battery everything is perfect.

Although HTC One 2014 falls short in terms of number of sensors from the closest competitor, yet HTC One design along with other great essential features keep the crown at its bay and out classes the competition.

Samsung Galaxy S5

Samsung galaxy S5

Samsung Galaxy S5 is among the hottest selling smart phones with FullHD gorgeous AMOLED display, Snapdragon 801/Exynos Octa processor and 16-megapixels camera. Samsung also provided fingerprint sensor, water resistance and dust proofing along with S5 to make it 2014’s King. Yet the design got in its way.

With similar design to Note 3 and dotted back cover Samsung has definitely managed to improve S5 design, but falls short in front of competition. Samsung Galaxy S5 was a marvelous device just the design was something most people didn’t like.

Although Samsung Galaxy S5 sales was much higher than HTC One M8 yet it doesn’t win over it as overall HTC One M8 is a better



LG got back the critical acclaim for LG G2 in 2013 and in 2014, LG G3 is one of the best devices in market. A gorgeous QHD 5.5″ Display, Snapdragon 801 processor, 4k capable camera and slimmer bezels makes LG G3 one of the best spec’d and best looking smart phone.

LG G3 had everything in it to make it a perfect smartphone yet its big 5.5″ display is what makes it slip to third spot. Its not bad to have big display but is generally tedious to handle in the hustle bustle of life. Moreover LG past track record of delayed software updates works against LG G3

Oneplus One

Oneplus One

Oneplus One is the surprise device of the year with an affordable price just like the Nexus series yet top notch specification Oneplus One managed to win hearts of million fans.

Its 5.5″ 1080p display, Snapdragon 801 processor, 13MP rear and 5MP front camera along with CyanogenMod 11S as default ROM. Oneplus One covered it all though it missed the big points as it was up for sale on invite only basis.

It was very difficult to buy even one Oneplus One so it comes so low in our list as what’s the point in fancying a smart phone which you cannot buy readily.

Sony Xperia Z2

Sony Xperia Z2

Sony Xperia Z2 was the successor to Xperia Z1 and with just a minor bump in specification Xperia Z2 failed to impress. If a user had Xperia Z1 there’s no point in upgrading for just a minor revision in specs and 4k video recording ability.

Albeit it was a great device still their’s need of improving camera which performs horribly in low light and phone gets too hot even in various simple task. Sony Xperia Z2 though had amazing display and design along with good battery life. It just felt short in terms of improving from last flagship offering.

Xiaomi Mi4

Xiaomi Mi4

Xiaomi is not a global brand as of now but its strong foothold in China cannot be ignored. With rapid expansion in Asian subcontinent Xiaomi is starting to explore new markets and soon European countries may witness a Chinese storm heading their way.

Mi4 is ultra cheap flagship with price at just $314 and specification similar to LG G3 it can make any smartphone pale in comparison. The beautiful MIUI 6 ROM presence further ups the beauty and functionality of the device.

It is in last of list just because its not available in American and European subcontinent or else it deserves the number 3 slot.

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