Jailbreak iPhone’s and iPad’s on all iOS 7 version


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iOS is not open like Android OS and many small task are very difficult on iOS. Jailbreaking is the process which makes all the restrictions fade away and you can get maximum out of your Apple device.

icon-warning WARNING!

Jailbreaking your device may cause loss of warranty.

You are only responsible by following further all losses and damages caused to device. We will not be held liable in any circumstances.

  icon-apple  Guide on how to Jailbreak

Before you proceed any further make sure to charge your device above 30%, though we recommend a full charged device before rooting.

Device Supported

    • iPhone 4/4S/5/5S
    • All iPad’s
    • iPod Touch 4 and 5

iOS Version Supported

    • iOS 7
    • iOS 7.1
    • iOS 7.1.1
    • iOS 7.1.2


 icon-check-square-o Step -2: Make Sure the iOS version number

Check the version number of your Apple device and make sure you have iOS 7 or above for which the guide is prepared. Be warned before using this guide with any other product from same brand or different brand.

This guide is for iOS 7, iOS 7.1 and 7.1.X.

  Step 0: Backup your Device

Not really necessary but better to be safe then to be sorry. A backup is always recommended.

 icon-arrow-right Use iTunes to create a backup of current setting and system.

 icon-download Step 1: Download Required Files

Download Link[Windows], Download Link[Mac]  — Download Pangu iOS Jailbreak.

 icon-list Step 2: Open Downloaded file on PC

Open the downloaded file on PC and connect your device using usb cable.

 icon-play Step 3: Click on “Jailbreak”

IOS Pangu Jailbreak

Just  tap on “Jailbreak” to begin the process. Wait till the application does it work. Once application is done with its work proceed further to next step. You will asked to change date to 2nd, June 2014, and set the time to 20:30.

 icon-external-link  Step 4: Set time and date

Just set the time to 20:30 and date to 2nd June, 2014 when you are prompted.

Settings > General > Data and Time on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch and turn-off Set Automatically option. Now, simply set the date to June 2, 2014

 icon-check Step 5: Final Process

Your device will reboot and you will see Pangu Logo, simply tap it and proceed with simple onscreen instruction to continue the process. When device reboots back to os you have successfully jailbroken your Apple Device.

If you faced any trouble or have any thing to say just drop your comment below. Do share the post if you like it.

Get real time updates directly on you device, subscribe now.

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