Humour – The Power of Apple product cycle


Apple has been mocked around the world many a times and yet again another mockery has been made by TheJoyofTech. A graphic shows the situation of Apple fans and is termed “The Power of Apple product cycle“.

The facts present are somewhat true but definitely everyone doesn’t feel the same way. It is in no case a brutal assassination of Apple fans but a lighthearted joke so take in that spirit as we will surely see a Android/Nexus joke coming winter.

This graphic shows the anxiety, impatience, joy, pain and compromise undergone by and iDevice users. Its definitely funny as the same level of enthusiasm is in fact a reality which everyone goes through in their life.

No more talking enjoy the image and pour in your comments below on what do you think about next Apple product which is due for release on 9th September.

The Power of Apple product cycle

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