Why Apple iPhone 6 is going to be best smartphone ever!


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Apple is about to unveil the latest iPhone 6 at an event on 9th September, 2014. Apple iPhone 6 is going to be best smartphone world has seen here’s why.

 icon-apple Design

Apple iPhone’s design are already considered best in class and iPhone 6 leaks suggest better curved aluminum back which provides premium feel and look gorgeous. It will feature big 4.7″ 1080p display which will be great gift of Apple to big screen lovers as everyone wanted a bigger iPhone. Apple iPhone 6 is expected to arrive in Gold, Silver and Space Grey colors which looks elegant and classy.

Apple iPhone 6 is drop dead gorgeous and bigger 4.7″ display will make it a worthy upgrade

 icon-mobile Software

With iOS 8 Apple has greatly enhanced iOS features and User Interface. With tons of quality apps and great looking games with high graphics Apple is still ahead in terms of quality and with iOS 8 Apple is fixing what it doesn’t have. iOS 8 introduces widget supports, third party keyboards and dynamic notification bar which makes the feel of using the device just perfect.

iOS 8 is most advanced iOS ever, though limited customization option than Android but feels far smoother than any one of them

 icon-camera Camera

Another highlight of Apple iPhone’s are their camera. iPhone’s are equipped with great camera’s which takes pictures with blink of an eye. iPhone 6 is expected to feature 8-megapixels camera as Apple don’t want a pixels war but will used improved sensor for better low-light pictures and front camera will see a resolution bump for pleasing selfie generation.

Although no major changes here Apple iPhone 6 will have a great camera as Apple has proved time and again megapixels doesn’t matter with iPhone 5 and 5S

 icon-cogs Performance

iPhone 6 will feature some enhanced CPU along with high speed integrated graphics processing unit. The RAM will be bumped and internal storage will be faster than previous iPhone’s which will give already butter smooth iPhone’s more raw power for better gaming and multitasking.

Apple doesn’t need a battery draining 2.5GHz Quad Core CPU if a Dual Core CPU can comfortably do the job. Apple Optimization is what make’s Apple iPhone’s successful

 icon-shopping-cart Marketing

Many great products haven’t had success they deserved due to bad marketing. Though Apple is a great marketer of it’s products and have huge amount of cash reserves to do so. Apple will put every penny on line to make iPhone 6 a hit and already strong loyalty among rich users and growing brand value, nobody can stop Apple.

iPhone 6 is bound to break any record created by previous generation of iPhone’s which is in itself will be very huge success for Apple

 icon-dollar Brand and Price

Apple brand value is know to everyone and owning a Apple iPhone is matter of pride. Apple has positioned itself as the king of jungle and everyone who owns an iPhone believe’s there nothing better than an iPhone. This brand image and goodwill is what make’s Apple successful. Apple doesn’t need to price its phone low to achieve growth as Apple devices are purchased by users who are willing to pay premium as they believe its superior product.

King of Marketing and Apple brand makes owning an iPhone or Apple product a matter of pride. That in itself is no less acheivement.




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