Chrome Update gives glimspe of Android L beauty


Google Chrome update shows what will winter have in store for us. Chrome new update has Android L design elements and it definitely looks and feel great. This update fixes various bug and introduces all new Material UI design that Google discussed at Google IO 2014.

The new design focuses on bigger touch buttons unification of search and URL bar in homepage, beautiful new layout and animations. The new layout is really great, its awesome and makes internet browsing experience more delightful.

Chrome Update gives glimspe of Android L beauty

Google is always working to better its products and after giving makeover to News and Weather last week, this week Chrome has received the love. Other thn these enhancements Chrome is already world’s best browser and has ability to sync across devices, save data on cellular network, faster browsing, gestures, voice search, translation support and privacy options like incognito browsing.

So what are you waiting for head to  icon-android Play Store and grab the latest update.

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