Official AOSP ROM for Mi3 & Mi4 – Here’s How to install it


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Xiaomi is gaining market confidence with its affordable products and high spec’d product. General notion has been made about Xiaomi that it offers best products for the price half from competition. Now to add icing on cake Xiaomi developers are working on AOSP ROM for those who don’t like MIUI 5 or MIUI 6 which is in beta testing. AOSP ROM for Mi3 & Mi4 is in beta stage yet is very stable.

The AOSP ROM is pure vanilla Android KitKat 4.4.4 and runs on Xiaomi’s kernel compiled from sources which many developers want to be disclosed. Some believes its a Xiaomi trick to not Open-Source the resources to developers yet whatever future may behold we have to accept it and for now if anyone want perfectly stable AOSP ROM this one is sure to go with.

There’s no major bug but a minor thing as it has bit higher vibration strength, rest is perfect. There’s also few addition options and GAPPS don’t come bundled, and it is only in Chinese yet activating other languages is quiet easy now it has most of languages enabled. It also comes pre-rooted so tweaking won’t require any addition steps on your behalf.

How to Install AOSP ROM on Mi3W/Mi4

These ROM is only compatible with Mi3 Snapdragon variant also termed Cancro or Mi3W and Mi4.

Download AOSP —– Mi4/Mi3W AOSP ROM

 icon-code Procedure

 1. Install Custom Recovery

  • Firstly you need CWM Recovery on your Mi3/Mi4.Download icon-long-arrow-right  Mi4 CWM or Mi3 CWM
  • Then Goto Setting>Updater or Open Updater App from homescreen.
  • Press menu button and then “Select update package”
  • Click on install.
  • Reboot in CWM by Powering device off and then Holding Volume Up + Power On and when you see Mi logo keep pressing Volume Up leaving Power key.

2. Backup

  • Backup your device by rebooting to recovery and scrolling down to Backups and Restore.(Not necessary yet highly recommended)
  • As data Wipe is necessary and you cannot use same data or else apps may force close you can visit our Backup and Restore thread to Backup your Device so as to have minimal data loss.

3. Wipe User Data/Factory Reset

  • Wipe User Data/Factory Reset is a must to avoid any force close so make sure not to forget these step.
  • Goto Wipe Data/Reset in CWM using Volume Keys and press Power Key to confirm.
  • Wiping cache may take more than 5-mins but keep waiting as it generally takes very long.

4. Install AOSP KitKat 4.4.4

  • Make sure to select System 1 first as AOSP ROM don’t work perfectly in System 2.
  • Next scroll down and goto Install Zip.
  • Select the downloaded ROM you transferred on your phone storage.
  • Let it install as it generally take 5-8 minutes.
  • Next Goto Advanced and see if System 1 is active or not. If not activate it or you will reboot in MIUI.
  • After Selecting System 1 as active system click on reboot system now.
  • You should now boot in AOSP ROM.

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If you by any chance want to go back to MIUI either restore the backup you made before flashing AOSP or follow this Guide.

I hope you have successfully flashed the AOSP ROM on your phone with Google Play and Google Now with your favorite language. If you face any issues connect with me on twitter, comments, or hangouts on

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  1. Tiger Guy says

    Well done. A complete guide is superb. I will flash my Mi3 after downloading all the files. Thanks.

    1. Vivek says

      Welcome 🙂

  2. Danny says

    Nice one… do you notice any clear improvements… right now my MI3W is running pretty good, so don’t want to mess it up, backing up and restoring takes a long time… just wish there was a cloud service that did it all for me.

    1. Vivek Goel says

      There’s a big performance boost. Benchmarks also shows improved performance. I noticed camera to be better than before and phone has quiet a lot free RAM like 1.4GB free RAM. I keep 12-13 tabs in chrome open without one reloading so their is definitely a huge performance improvement

  3. digitized says

    How do I restore MIUI official to Mi3 if I do not like stock Android ROM? Please post a guide. Thanks!

    1. Vivek Goel says

      You Just need to Download official MIUI ROM from Website Depending on your phone variant. I will create a Guide tommorow for easy understanding. If its urgent then you can directly goto MIUI site Download latest ROM and flash it in CWM just like you did for AOSP. Flash GAPPS also if you want. But before proceeding make sure to clear all user data, just like you did before installing AOSP

      1. digitized says

        Thanks, Vivek. Mine is Indian Mi3. Will it also install Fastboot just like the way it is by default? I am looking forward to your guide. Please let me know. Thanks!

        1. Vivek Goel says

          Yup it will but recovery will give you an option to keep using CWM by disabling recovery flash I am writing guide now 🙂

          1. digitized says

            restored it to miui but it still loads up cwm instead of fastboot after pressing power + volume up. how to restore fastboot? please help!

          2. Vivek says

            i will help you on sunday

          3. Vivek Goel says

            You already have fastboot. Fastboot never changes but recovery does. In order to restore Mi Recovery flash via fastboot method and you will have complete out of box phone. Alternatively you can visit service center who will restore your MIUI version for free and without any hassel

        2. Vivek Goel says

          Here You Go with Guide to revert back to MIUI

          1. digitized says

            Thanks for the guide. 🙂

  4. Martin Dechev says

    Hi Vivek and thank you for the instructions. Just one little correction – you should not flash GAPPS because the rom include the play store and when flashing additionally the GAPPS zip, this results in crash of the keyboard and you could not update the rom.
    Also I would like to ask you when restoring the backup, should I do a wipe all/cache?

  5. Rocky says

    The ROM download link is not working. Can you please fix it

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