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So you tried the AOSP ROM for Mi3W/Mi4 and now you want MIUI 6/5 on your device as you prefer customisation and MIUI features then worry not here’s a very simple Guide to revert back to MIUI ROM for Mi3 & Mi4 easily within few minutes. First you need to decide which version of MIUI would you like.

There are two versions of MIUI one is stable and other is developer rom. Developer ROM sees weekly updates and is expected with few bugs, but it contains various new features. On the other hand it doesn’t contain Google Apps. 

Stable ROM is less frequently updated but is sure not to bother you with unexpected crashes and bugs like on Developer ROM. There is  another thing to notice is Developer ROM is currently on MIUI 6 and stable ROM is MIUI 5. Depending on your preference download the ROM and flash as per insructions.

How to Install MIUI ROM on Mi3W/Mi4

 These ROM is only compatible with Mi3 Snapdragon variant also termed Cancro or Mi3W and Mi4.

Mi3 has various countries model. If you select WCDMA/CDMA China you need GAPPS otherwise you won’t need GAPPS for other country variants. All firmwares are cross flashable so don’t worry if your device is from India you can flash Phillipines ROM without an issue.

If you need MIUI 6 then download WCDMA/CDMA China Developer ROM.

Note: Do not download TD variant ROM as it is not for Mi3W its for Tegra4 variant available only in China.

Download for Recovery Method —– Mi4  and Mi3W

 and GAPPS required only for WCDMA/CDMA China Variant

Download for Fastboot Method —- ROM FLASHING TOOL and ROM for MI3 and Mi4


 icon-code Method 1: Flash via CWM Recovery

1. Backup

  • Backup your device by rebooting to recovery and scrolling down to Backups and Restore.(Not necessary yet highly recommended)
  • As data Wipe is necessary and you cannot use same data or else apps may force close you can visit our Backup and Restore thread to Backup your Device so as to have minimal data loss.

2. Wipe User Data/Factory Reset

  • Wipe User Data/Factory Reset is a must to avoid any force close so make sure not to forget these step.
  • Goto Wipe Data/Reset in CWM using Volume Keys and press Power Key to confirm.
  • Wiping cache may take more than 5-mins but keep waiting as it generally takes very long.

3. Install MIUI 5/6 and GAPPS

  • Make sure to select System 1.
  • Next scroll down and goto Install Zip.
  • Select the downloaded ROM you transferred on your phone storage.
  • Let it install as it generally take 5-8 minutes.
  • If you have downloaded WCDMA/CDMA China then complete next step or you can skip next step.
  • Then again select install zip and choose GAPPS for Play Store to work on your device.
  • Next Goto Advanced and see if System 1 is active or not. If not activate it or you will reboot in MIUI.
  • After Selecting System 1 as active system click on reboot system now.
  • You should now boot in MIUI ROM.

 icon-code Method 2: Flash via Fastboot


  1. Download Required files i.e ROM as per your device and ROM Flashing Tool.
  2. Turn off the phone, press the Volume– key and the Power button at the same time to enter Fastboot mode, Connect to PC using Data Cable.

  3. Unzip ROM Flashing Tool and Open It.
  4. Unzip ROM downloaded and select it from ROM Flashing Tool by Opening MiFlash.exe and browsing to the folder location where you  unzip the ROM. 
    ROM FLashing tool
  5. Your device will be shown in list and just click flash to proceed.
  6. Wait until the process finishes generally takes 2 minutes and phone will reboot.
  7. First boot may be longer than usual time.
  8. Congrats now you are on MIUI ROM back.

In case you again want to go to AOSP here is the link to download and process for update.

I hope you have successfully flashed the MIUI ROM on your phone with Google Play and Google Now with your favorite language. If you face any issues connect with me on twitter, comments or hangouts on

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  1. Manpreet singh says

    While installing aosp rom on xiaomi mi3. I selected system 2 now when i want to go back to miui rom do i need to select system 1 or system 2 in cwm?

    1. Vivek says

      Select Active System 1 in recovery and it should boot to MIUI. Although its possible you will get lots of force closes due to AOSP and MIUI sharing data partiotion. In that case a wipe data factory reset will be required

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