Moto 360 Bang Bang Entry at just ₹17,999/$299 in India


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Motorola is on the roll with huge success of Moto series in India, now India is on priority list of every manufacturer. The latest device in the Indian market is not a smartphone but a smartwatch known for its sleek and elegant design, the Moto 360.

Moto 360 was launched a few weeks back in various European and American countries and now it has arrived in India for ₹ 17,999 i.e. approx. $ 290. It will be exclusively available via Motorola partner Flipkart.

India is greeted with the rubber strap model currently and soon the other more premium metal strap variant will be up for sale. Moto 360 runs on Android Wear platform and is supported by Android device running on Android 4.3 or above.

Moto 360 features a 1.56 inch edge-to-edge circular display with 320 x 290 pixels. It has 205ppi for sharp and crisp details. Moto 360 has Gorilla Glass 3 for scratch resistance and Horween® leather bands for comfortable feel and longer durability.

Moto 360 is loaded with features as it responds to Ok Google command and comes with Google Now integration as long as you are connected to smartphone with network connectivity. It’s also a must for health cautious humans as it features built in pedometer to count your steps and calories burnt and heart rate sensor.

As Moto 360 runs on Android Wear applications will be available in bulk and it also feature different clock face as it’s a watch after all. The watch is water resistant and IP67 Certified and has 4GB storage along with 512MB RAM. The battery inside is 320 mAh.

Buy Moto 360 smartwatch in India now at just ₹ 17,999

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