Why Google priced Nexus 6 at $649!


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Google Nexus 6

Google Nexus 6 launched without much noise but still it managed to create the buzz with the specification and feature list, yet one of the synonyms which went with Nexus devices was affordability tag is missing, as the Nexus 6 will demand full flagship price i.e. $649.

After the launch everyone was thinking what made Google to demand price so high and with some research and assumptions we have found why Google didn’t get the Nexus 6 at lower price and we are summarizing it in different points.

1] Hardware

Nexus 6

As it is evident Google Nexus 6 hardware this time around is more than complete and has no trade off unlike Nexus 4 which had low storage issues and poor battery life and Nexus 5 which had somewhat less capable camera than flagships and low storage. With Nexus 6 Google had hit the gold in terms of specification. LCD display is being replaced by AMOLED that too bigger, sharper and QHD, better processor than most flagships out there in market, premium design just like the Moto X, best in class mobile camera sensor with 13-megapixels resolution, 3GB RAM, 32/64GB internal storage and did we miss the 3220mAh battery this is not just a minor update, its a complete revamp.

If by the specs upgrade you add the money for e.g. lets assume $40 for bigger, sharper and AMOLED display, extra $50 for bump in storage and another $50 for bump in camera and battery. That’t total $140 increment in price so new Nexus 6 should have been priced $499 and still it would have ruled the Android market quiet easily, but that’s not possible and reason is in next point.

2] Manufacturer

Google Nexus 6

Motorola is manufacturing the Nexus 6 and considering Moto X 2nd Gen is priced $499 unlocked why will Motorola allow Nexus 6 to be sold at same price with much better specification. It will directly hurt Moto X 2nd Gen sales as users will only buy Moto X 2nd Gen if they don’t want big display and customization from Moto Maker. Otherwise many Moto X lovers would have instead selected Nexus 6 so Google needed to price it higher so other devices sales didn’t hurt.

Moreover Google has to protect manufacturer interest in Android and if Google aims to compete with manufacture with unreasonable low price all manufacturers will be irked and may quit Android because of Google aggressive behavior which hurts their business.

So these are two basic reason that compelled Google not to launch the Nexus 6 with affordable price tag and with more carriers than before including Verizon which went missing after Galaxy Nexus update issues, Nexus 6 will be fairly and squarely competing with other manufacturers. The specification and feature set are good enough and with well crafted design Nexus 6 is bound to attract large audience who like big screen smartphones.

Nexus 6 is simply the best phablet ever and with price tag of $649 is still worth for what it has to offer.

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