BuyHatke offers to get you Redmi 1S Easily


Xiaomi phones are quiet difficult to order during flash sales which are faster than lightening but with BuyHatke plugin experience turned painless and users were easily able to get Mi3 and Redmi 1S to cart without any issues. Then Flipkart tuned its page and now the plugin doesn’t work.

But fret not BuyHatke has still not lost hope with support from their team you can still end up getting a Redmi phone. All you need is have the plugin installed and attempt to buy phone and if you are able to order hurray nothing better than that, and if not BuyHatke team will offer to purchase a limited few Redmi phones on COD.

Its also a great plugin to know latest trends in price changes of particular product or the cheapest offering from particular site. It also automatically adds coupon so you end up saving money and that’s all for free plugin.

So there’s basically nothing to loose and you may end up with a rare Redmi phone you are trying to order from weeks. Give it a try and install BuyHatke plugin.

Install BuyHatke plugin icon-long-arrow-right BuyHatke plugin and then visit this page to add yourself in their visit this page to add yourself in their Redmi list.

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