The End for Nokia – Lumia now called Microsoft Lumia


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Nokia Lumia 730/735 Selfie specialist

Nokia smartphone division was purchased by Microsoft and it is now all ready to replace the brand Nokia Lumia with Microsoft Lumia. It was the largest Windows Smartphone vendor accounting 90% of Windows Phone market share but was acquired by Microsoft.

Nokia as a part of agreement now will not sell and manufacture smartphones though it is free to carry on the business in existing other segments which includes Here Maps which has launched on Android Platform and is currently exclusively available at Samsung App Store.

All the countries are set to join re-branding efforts in next few days with Nokia France being first to adopt the Microsoft Lumia name on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media accounts and more countries set to join the efforts soon.

Microsoft will now no more use Nokia logo on its smartphone and maybe a new Lumia logo will make mark on next set of devices. Whatever it is we will surely miss it for providing world the first smartphone, N Series devices and most importantly the Nokia 1100 Classic.


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