Whatsapp now lets you disable Read notifications


After causing panic among Whatsapp users, now in an app update let you disable read notification from the app. It was a super cool feature but was an extensive breach of privacy.


Now Whatsapp creators have realized the users problem and hence provides you with an option to disable read notification from within the app in Version 2.11.444 (currently available at their Site) by going to Whatsapp>Settings>Privacy then un-check the options for Read Receipts.

So now you do not need the trick to avoid Blue ticks as Whatsapp has taken care of it for now and Whatsapp must think of how it might affect users before introducing such privacy invading features. No doubt many people will like the idea but in reality it isn’t that cool.

Download the new Whatsapp on their Official Website icon-long-arrow-right Click Here


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