Why Android needs more RAM than Apple iOS
Many of smartphone users complain of less RAM in their Android phone resulting in poor performance. Even devices with 3 GB of RAM face issues with slow loading times and many more issues and now we have answers to at least dozen of them.   So what are the... Read more
AT&T is sticking its branding on Nexus 6
As we reported earlier that Nexus 6 are up for sales on AT&T and Sprint, our friends at AndroidPolice have brought us some evidence that Nexus 6 sold via AT&T will carry their logo just below the Nexus branding. Nexus 6 is the first device to be available across... Read more
OnePlus team announces Warranty for existing Indian users
OnePlus One is definitely doing the correct thing any manufacturer should do by  enabling the users to get their serviced locally even if they bought it from Oneplus.net . Generally manufacturers don’t offer international warranty except Apple hence OnePlus One has earned the respect for taking care of consumers... Read more