Why Android needs more RAM than Apple iOS


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Many of smartphone users complain of less RAM in their Android phone resulting in poor performance. Even devices with 3 GB of RAM face issues with slow loading times and many more issues and now we have answers to at least dozen of them.


So what are the questions plaguing smartphone users…

  • Why is 3 GB RAM not sufficient for Android?
  • Why Apple iPhone’s comes with low RAM?
  • And many more…..

Now coming to the answer which is based on the answers on this Quora thread by Glyns Williams.

Android applications runs on Java code by default which doesn’t clean or free up junk and garbage files which are not necessary any more. Android garbage cleaner is triggered only when system seems to be running out of memory and hence resulting in pause of application and services. Thus Android prefers more free RAM than any  other operating systems as by default it doesn’t free up the junk and garbage files which are no longer required.

Android uses this model as Google didn’t want to trouble application developers with memory management in their application. Thus Android became the most loved platform for developers as it was easier for developers initially but this came with a downside as their application might load slower.

Android Lollipop 5.0 has somehow minimized the concern of memory management. With Android Run Time i.e. ART effectively cleaning garbage time to time. Moreover users are already seeing reduced lags and choppiness across the user interface. So with ART in background Google has finally managed to reduce the memory management issues but their’s only one side effect of ART as it leads to slower installation of applications and large file install locations.

Why  is iPhone still running smooth with low RAM. Its just because Apple has better garbage collection and it recycles memory effectively. iOS effectively clears memory in time so at the time of running an application every thing is smoother and application loads up faster.

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