AT&T is sticking its branding on Nexus 6


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Google Nexus 6

As we reported earlier that Nexus 6 are up for sales on AT&T and Sprint, our friends at AndroidPolice have brought us some evidence that Nexus 6 sold via AT&T will carry their logo just below the Nexus branding.

Nexus 6 is the first device to be available across major US carriers and AT&T website shows the branding presence on the beast. This is second Nexus device after Galaxy Nexus to have carrier branding.

Although the branding is not that obtrusive yet it is unfortunate to have one, and this leaves us with many questions as to whether this devices will be updated directly by Google or thru carriers and to remind you Google got angry with Verizon when they delayed the update for Galaxy Nexus thus abandoning it.Nexus 6

Lastly we will come to know whether devices will feature carrier branding once the shipping starts till then we can just assume it was just a placeholder image.

Source: AT&T, Via AndroidPolice

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