Is Micromax new brand Yu going to make any difference


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Micromax launching another brand Yu to take on Xiaomi aka Mi in India is definitely a good move from Micromax but is it really going to make any difference in India which is completely different from China and if it is what’s next after Mi-Me, Yu- You is it We, She, It, They.

According to our expert aka @nomatchoftome following will be the key points in Indian market

Great Products

First there is the need to create an exceptional product and not some Samsung or iPhone copies. Micromax can afford a decent designer team to at least add a touch of creativity instead of dumping the OEM products with name sticking on back of it as generally OEM products are plagued with quality control issues and creates lot of issues for customers.

Moreover use of Mediatek chipset which have proven worthy must not be sidelined with Qualcom Snapdragon as they are more affordable and the new products can be created using both chipset to create different price segments.

And great products means real great products and not using some cheap Chinese 13-megapixel camera sensor and labeling it with 13-megapixel camera the company must look at customer satisfaction and not profit.

Software and Services

Service and Software are one way to reach customer and keep them loyal to the brand through out. Xiaomi had an excellent customer support, great online community supporting the users to solve issues by themselves and keeping them loyal to brand even after device purchase. They also offer weekly update for developer rom with new features and bug fixes. Similar is the history of Cyanogen Mod with Weekly and Nightlies but Micromax need to step up and launch some great features never seen before instead of buying a license for an app and including it in device and calling it innovation.

Micromax needs to find out methods on how can they earn money even after the device has been sold once. For example consider Google as they develop Android and don’t charge anyone any licensing fee how do they earn. They earn some percentage of money when you download a paid app via Play Store and with indirect business i.e. more use of Google services.

Similarly Micromax needs to tap in additional revenue streams which will help it in additional Research and Development and offer customer better products with more resources at their disposal.

Online Sales is not sufficient


India is a market where people generally like to buy after they see a product. Selling online only will result in huge loss to Micromax as a huge segment of market will not be accessing the Micromax Yu brand. It’s important to keep the cost low Micromax can create an online seller store or so where a retailer can buy online from Micromax directly in bulk at say 4% less price and Micromax can enjoy the privilege to keep cost down and at same time cater the audience from retail market.

This is not so hard as it is definitely possible and the market is evidence with huge failures like the Android One failing to pick momentum and if Micromax really want to do something exceptional retail market capitalization is a must as someone great said Copying something great and being successful is possible for anyone but improving it to be beyond the creator is for the Great ones.

So Yu welcome to the world of fierce competition but keep in mind that surviving in this competitive market is difficult but with right steps who knows Yu might be the Xiaomi of India as once Xiaomi was termed Apple of China 😉

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