Install Android Kitkat 4.4 on PC using Virtual Box


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Android on PC

Do you want to run Android on you PC worry not as their is very easy way to run Android on your PC by installing Bluestacks, but most people don’t like Bluestacks and they need real Android experience then this process is the best way to install full fledged Android Kitkat 4.4 on your Windows, Solaris, Mac or Linus based computer.

Video Tutorial

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How to install Android 4.4 Kitkat on any computer


  • A personal computer.
  • An internet connection.
  • Little time as setup will take about 15-minutes.


Step by Step Guide

  1. Download the required file on your PC i.e. Android Kitkat 4.4 ISO and Virtual Box depending on operating system on your PC from Download section.
  2. Install Virtual Box on your PC and Open it.
  3. Ignore any warning and click on New Icon on top left, and in the popup Create Virtual Machine, enter the name you like in Name Field, select Linux in Type field and Other Linux(32bit) in Version Field and click Next.
    Step 3
  4. Next in Memory Size enter memory you want to allocate to Virtual Machine. I prefer you to enter 2GB as I have 4GB in my PC but select 1GB in case you have 2GB RAM in PC otherwise the original system won’t work nicely when Virtual Machine will be running. 1GB is sufficient but 2GB helps in better performance.
  5. In Hard Drive step choose Create a virtual hard drive now and click Next.
  6. In Hard Drive File Type select the very first option VDI(VirtualBox Disk Image) and click Next.
  7. In next step select whatever you like either Dyanamic or Fixed.
  8. Then select the size of internal memory you want to allocate to Android, I prefer at least 8GB of storage but you can go with more if you have sufficient storage available and click on little folder icon if you want to choose the partition i.e C Drive or D Drive and click Create
    Step 9
  9. Now right click on the virtual machine you created and select settings. Then go to storage tab and change the Storage Tree to IDE Primary Slave.
    Step 9-2
  10. Click on cd icon with Empty label in storage tree and select the download Android Kitkat ISO and click Ok.
    Step 10
  11. Select the Virtual Machine you created and click on Start.
  12. A new window will open with Virtual Box running and then using Arrow Keys select Installation – Install Android X86 to Hardisk.
  13. Then select Create/Modify Partitions and proceed, then select New and in next visual select Primary and you will see default size of disk just don’t change it and hit enter.
  14. Now keep the highlighter on Bootable and Hit Enter and you can see in Flags Boot is written. Now go to Write Option in below and hit Enter. Then Write yes using keyboard and hit enter.
    Step 14
  15. Then go to Quit and hit enter and again in blue screen select ext3 filesystem. Click on yes to confirm the format and Yes for GRUB installation. In next read-write option select yes for Root permissions and no for normal installation.
  16. Now Android x86 is successfully installed just reboot and close the machine once and go to Settings and Storage Tree just like you did on step 10 and click on cd icon and remove disk from virtual machine.
  17. Whenever you want to turn on Android open Virtual Box and select machine and click Start. Then select anyone option and run Android 4.4 Kitkat.

Note: The mouse may not appear in Android screen click on Host + I  to disable mouse integration. Host key is Right Ctrl by default. Now you can use mouse in system with a pointer and to bring mouse pointer out of Android hit host key i.e. Right Ctrl and keep using Android.

Remote installation: If you have problem installing mail me at or and I can help you install remotely over team viewer.

Feedback and Questions: Having any questions leave a feedback below under comments and you c

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  1. Lenard Fernandez says

    how do i connect it to the internet because i dont get any websites while setting it up…

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