Sprints lower Nexus 6 Price and now its on par with AT&T


Nexus 6

Few days ago Nexus 6 were released by AT&T and Sprint in USA, but the priced on Sprint was supposedly higher then competitors for the exact same device.

Now Sprint has realized their mistake and has brought the price on par with AT&T. The two-years contract version which was retailing for $299.99 will now retail at $249.99. It’s on par with the pricing on AT&T.

The unlocked version has also went similar reduction from $696 to $648 and worry not as existing buyers will be getting a rebate of $50 if they feel cheated somehow and there should be an SMS arriving soon on your phone.

Sure this year Nexus 6 ain’t that cheap still its worth every penny for the device it is offering which is totally way ahead in terms of specs, design and feel from previous Nexus devices.

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