Mi India to setup more service centres and halt expansion


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Mi formerly known as Xiaomi is stepping in right direction with focus on existing marketing instead of entering new market is a great idea. Mi will now focus on the markets they entered in 2015 i.e. Indonesia, India and Malaysia and try to bring all the products to these countries.

Moreover Mi knows the state of customer service in India so they decided to level up and now India will be home of Mi 100 service centres to cater the Mi owners throughout India. They will bring all existing products including their flagship Mi4 in these markets.

Mi will also enter Brazil in mid 2015 as it is also one of most valuable market especially for budget friendly devices. The list next countries where Mi plans to enter in next year end containsThailand, Russia and Mexico.

Whatever Mi team does they are bound to attract users and if the team continues the same strategy and manages to keep fans loyal it will surely be world’s largest smartphone manufacture in no time.

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