Sony and Samsung to limit number of launches in 2015


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Samsung decided to stop flooding market with different devices in favour of few but great device lineup. Sony is following Samsung in strategy and the reason behind move is correlated.

Samsung sales and profit was down due to emerging Chinese and Indian brands in Asian continent. Moreover Samsung dumping new models in market every week didn’t help instead many devices couldn’t be marketed well.

Same with Sony who launches new flagship every six months as the loss inspite of steady sales seemed worrying.  Sony is among one of best smartphone manufacturer yet the reason of loss is certainly poor strategy.

Samsung and Sony are both in crisis all because they launch new products instead of marketing old one. One great device lives in heart forever instead of several new ones. There should be upgrades but it must be substantial so user gets something different instead of all the same hardware just in different package.

Sony Xperia Z1 and Z2 were so similar in specs that only a few people cared about upgrading and when they planned to move already Xperia Z3 was launched. This kind of strategy indirectly hurts brand as once new phone is launched older siblings are less cared off and users feels abandoned.

So now that Samsung and Sony are stern on limiting number of devices its good for consumers as they will be getting an all round package perfected and software updates will also be easier for brand with less number of smartphone variants under their stable.

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