HTC fixes issues with Nexus 9 improves buttons and light bleeding


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Nexus 9

HTC has been known to ship initial batches of devices with issues during production and history repeats itself with initial shipments of Nexus 9 affected with buttons not properly raised and display bleeding light. Previously HTC One X was launched with squeaking and yellow spot issues and HTC One with purple camera bug.

But at least this time HTC acted fast and fixed issue within second week of launch and now the buttons are properly raised as a reddit user Sebianoti. This devices happens to be just manufactured a week before and the picture with initial batches Nexus 9 compared to new Nexus 9 proves that actually HTC has managed to fix issue within no time.

Its good to see HTC was listening to users and ready to accept problems internally and acted fast so future device owners don’t get annoyed with minor niggles. Though HTC hasn’t managed to restrain the bleeding light to zero level yet it is on acceptable levels. The flexing too was among the issues with build quality HTC managed to fix.

Kudos to HTC and long live reditters for fixing and pointing out the fix has been delivered respectively.


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