How to Install Google Play Store and Services on Nokia X2 other Nokia X Devices


Nokia X2 was Nokia’s third Android handset and with no surprises it came without Google Services and Play Store. Nokia X2 is a pretty competent device than the competing devices in same price range yet it lacks the most resourceful hub of Android Application.

So today we bring an easy guide on how to install Google Play store and missing Google Services. This will also enable you to run Gmail on your Nokia X2 and othe Nokia X devices.

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How to Install Google Play Store and Google Play Services on your Nokia X2 and other Nokia X Devices

 icon-download Downloads

icon-minus Nokia X Tools English (20.5mb)  icon-arrow-right Click Here

 icon-android Devices Supported

  1. Nokia X
  2. Nokia XL
  3. Nokia X2

 icon-list Step By Step Guide

  • Enable USB Debugging icon-arrow-right Goto Settings> About Phone and tap 5 times on Software Version and you shall see Now You are a Developer. Press back once and Developer Option shall be present. Open it and enable USB Debugging.
  • Download Nokia X Tools from the above link and open it on your Windows PC.
    Nokia X Tools
  • Now type 1 in the command Window and hit Enter to install USB Drivers.
  • Connect your phone to your Windows PC using data cable.
  • Now type 2 to Install GOOGLE PLAY + Services and a prompt in your phone will come up please enable it to allow computer to access system files on your device. If Play Services are not installed in first attempt kindly reboot device and PC and try once again with step 2.
  • After success in the above step your device will reboot and you can see Play Services on your phone. You can install Gmail and other Google Apps on your phone from Play Store easily now.
  • If you need to delete Google Play Services anytime you can do so by just typing 3 instead of 2 to Remove-Google Play Services and Store.

So that was easy wasn’t it and do leave us your questions and feedback below in the comments section. If any questions are there in your mind contact via contact us form.

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  • ria hafeez

    can i installed clash of clasns in nokia x2ds?????

  • ria hafeez

    please help i installed the google play store but the sevices didn’t . when i want to do step 2 again it says ” error : more than one device and emulator ” what should i do ???


    hvvy hvvy it works..i am surpriced…so cool it is..

  • Mustafa Ken

    please help i installed the google play store but the sevices didn’t . when i want to do step 2 again it says ” error : more than one device and emulator ” what shoul i do ???

    • Open Task Manager and kill ADB.EXE… Completely close any emulators like Bluestacks, etc… Disconnect all the Android devices except the device you want to install Play Services

  • Numra Saif Numo


    • Vivek Goel

      Do you have Play Store icon…

  • Ravi Bukka

    Hi, I am using Mac book pro (using wine to run nokia x2 tool) but I am not able to get success in installing the play store and services, can you please guide me in this. When I typed ‘1’ i got a message at command prompt saying “cannot recognise ‘x86’ and after that when i typed ‘2’ i didn’t get any prompt and nothing installed in my device.