{Update with Winner}Ultimate Giveaway with Choice: OnePlus One or HTC Desire 820


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Our first giveaway saw Samsung Galaxy Alpha and just when users were settled we are please to announce the next big giveaway in which user who is picked winner randomly can pick either OnePlus One or HTC Desire 820.

This giveaway is global and we haven’t purchased the prize as of now but if user is picked as a winner, we will buy the device via online store of their country to avoid custom charges and hassles to winner.


HTC Desire 820 or OnePlus One 64GB


  1. 13+ years of age.
  2. Prize is non transferable and winner will be picked randomly.
  3. Prize will be HTC Desire 820 or OnePlus One and all expenses relating to taxes and customs shall be borne by winner.
  4. Winner shall respond within 48 hours of prize declaration or else another winner will be selected.
  5. Any fake entries will lead to disqualification like taking points for comment without leaving a comment.
  6. Eligible for taking part in Giveaway as per rules and regulations of their country.
  7. If you take part in giveaway you automatically accepts Terms and Conditions of our website.
  8. Agrees to allow us to use Profile Pictures from Social Network once selected as Winner.

Β UpdateΒ : Winner has been selected and has been e-mailed. He is from Russia and he has now 48 hours to respond with address and local ID Proof. If he fails another winner shall be select. Thanks for making this Giveaway successful our next giveaway will bring iPhone 6 versus Galaxy Note 4 battle where winner get to choose the smartphone of their choice. It will begin on 3rd January 2015.

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  1. Larysa says

    I would like to win!

  2. jonatan says

    Nexus Giveaway would be a dream come true πŸ™‚ Who doesn’t like a Nexus?

  3. Nivedit Majumdar says

    The next giveaway should be a Nexus 6 / iPhone 6 giveaway. Great job you guys!

  4. niketraja says

    Would love to use the OPO!
    The price of your third giveaway should be Nexus 6 or iPhone 6/5S.

  5. Willis Eel says

    The next giveaway prize should be an iPhone 6.

  6. Lori says

    it would be great to see an IPhone 6 for your next giveaway.

  7. Craig Anderson says

    The Next Phone should be a Samsung Galaxy Note Edge. Good Luck to everyone.

  8. Marco Fornich says

    Something like Iphone 6 plus o Note 4

  9. rtxa says

    moto x 2014 or droid turbo (:

  10. Mark Cook says

    how about an iPhone6 or a moto-x 2014, they are all excellent phones, i’m stuck on an old bb9900 lol.

  11. Mirza Ismail Baig says

    Would love to win the OnePlus One. So wanna have grab that device. Next giveaway should be Android Accessories perhaps. That would allow more then one user to win. So would be fun.

    1. Vivek says

      Aahh great idea πŸ™‚ but its new year so we select your idea for February πŸ™‚ Thank You

  12. GdhawesGwen says

    I’m thinking IPhone 6.

  13. Eric Aparri says

    iPhone 6 Plus

  14. Orlando says

    Moto X πŸ™‚

  15. Penish says

    I would like to get One+1 Mobile i love its specs

  16. Sahil Khiwani says

    The next giveaway should be Nexus 6/ Samsung Galaxy Note Edge / iPhone 6/6 Plus.. but what ever the prize would be I only say.. you guys have the best choice for the users and you always rock… even it is a review or a giveaway…

  17. Arunraj Shanmugam says

    iPhone 6 Plus

  18. Shashank Chourey says

    A Nexus 9 giveaway would be good.

  19. yvsaimadhav says

    one plus one

  20. Omkar Aradwad says

    Next Giveaway should be ‘iPhone 6 or Nexus 6 with choice’

    1. Vivek says

      Yeah that sounds great

  21. savitha dsouza says

    iPhone 6 should be the next giveaway .

  22. MANJIT SARMA says

    It should be Nexus 6 !

  23. ArtsyChaos says

    Let’s go for an iPhone 6. πŸ™‚

  24. You Fess says

    I’d love Iphone 6 for the next giveaway! Thanks for the chance anyway.

  25. JoΓ£o Melo says

    the next giveaway should be a Nexus Player

  26. Hieu Trong Hoang says

    The next giveaway should be Nexus 6 , oh yeah !!!

  27. Snowx2k5 says

    A Google Nexus 6.

  28. robert young says

    giveaway a nexus 6

  29. Inge Speemanns says

    I would love to see the Samsing galaxy note edge in the next giveaway!

  30. rachit gupta says

    i would love to win

  31. rachit gupta says

    iphone 6 may be

  32. Jorge Alberto Granados Parra says

    The Prize should be a Nexus 6 and Nexus 9 combo!

  33. Sean Ang says

    The next giveaway should Galaxy Note Edge.

  34. Qboss says

    The prize for third giveaway should be Sony Xperia Z3.

  35. Karan Kundnani says

    A iPhone 6!

  36. BillJude56 says

    I’d like to see a giveaway for the Nexus 6 or the Xperia Z3. Thanks.

  37. Nicolthe pickle says

    The new Nexus 9 would be cool, or a really nice gamer mouse.

  38. Jim Cline says

    Nexus 6 would be great.

  39. blessedta says

    iPhone 6

  40. Nayeli Vargas says

    I Want the One plus one!!! thank you for making this giveaway.

  41. anita leibert says

    I’d love the iPhone 6!

  42. Linda Meranda says

    Nexus 6 or Galaxy Note Edge. This granny’s finally learning all these new fangled gadgets. Great giveaway, Thanks!

  43. Marlene V says

    an iPhone 6

  44. Lisa L says

    Perhaps a Galaxy Note Edge? Thanks!

  45. j4m3z says


  46. Anurag Rajan Ingle says

    Next giveaway should be Nexus 9 or Samsung Galaxy Tab S

  47. GYoo says

    Surface pro 3 should be the next giveaway

  48. Aman Singh Bhalla says

    Nexus 6 or Samsung Galaxy Edge πŸ™‚

  49. Gina Gonzalez says


  50. Samer Rustom says

    I wish to win HTC Desire 820

  51. Muhammad Irsyad says

    Maybe Galaxy S6 or Nexus 6?

  52. Harry Malhotra says

    Next giveaway is Iphone 6 or Nexus 6

  53. Aryan Gupta says

    I think Nexus 9 is on third giveaway

  54. Antonio Iacobone says

    Nexus 6 !

  55. Vaibhav Mhatre says

    Nexus 9

  56. Sahil Mahajan says

    iphone 6 is next giveaway.

  57. spygupta says

    Nexus 9 and iphone 6 is combo giveaway

  58. Roman Kudryavtsev says

    Nexus 6

  59. ana georgievska says

    iPhone 6

  60. Drake2000 says

    PlayStation 4 20th Anniversary Edition

    1. Vivek Goel says

      Like the idea but we would stick with the central idea of the website i.e Phone or Tablet

      1. Drake2000 says

        iPad Air 2

  61. Clive Cardoz says

    Next give away would be Samsung Galaxy note 4

  62. isterico89 says

    iPhone 6, iPad Air 2 or Macbook Air πŸ˜‰

  63. Serg Ospishev says

    Nexus 9 and iphone 6

  64. Jenn Erin L says

    a Samsung GALAXY Note Edge would be nice!

  65. Pardeep Gupta says

    Samsung Galaxy Note 4 or iphone 6

  66. Jay Kay says

    How about a Sony Xperia Z3 Dual for the next giveaway?

  67. Dmitriy Sukhanov says

    Nexus 9

  68. antonella togato says

    Nexus 9

  69. Aaron says

    HTC One M8! Because I think that’s the best phone of 2014!

  70. Sonia Kumar says

    Nexus 9

  71. Veenu Gupta says

    iPad Air 2

  72. jaime ramirez says

    i need dis Cx

  73. Rohit Roy says

    Samsung Galaxy Note 4

  74. Abhishek Kumar Singh says

    the perfect giveaway for your #rd anniversary shouled be Iphone 6 Gold or Nexus 6

  75. ashish5003 says

    Smartphone with Android Lollipop would be great.

  76. Darum Dashmeer says

    Playstation 4

  77. Yolens says

    I believe there should be a company giveaway i.e. Apple products in a bundle ( iPad mini, iPod 5th gen, and iPhone 6)

  78. Tea DropOut says

    The next giveaway should be a Nexus 6

  79. Amit Sharma says

    Nexus 6 64gb

  80. David Hammett says

    I would love the OnePlus. I had one but had to sell it because I needed the money for other purposes.

  81. Wasz Stary says

    Newest Nexus is the way to go for next giveaway πŸ˜‰

  82. Aria says

    Please do a Nexus giveaway πŸ™‚

  83. melikegarfield says

    A laptop would be nice.

  84. Akira says

    how about some of xiaomi products…? or Motorola? i recommend this because i just bored with a highlight brand of smartphone x_x

  85. Sahil Khiwani says

    who is the winner still awaiting to hear πŸ™

    1. Vivek says

      Winner will be announced on 1st Jan 2015

  86. Razin Chougule says

    it should be samsung note4

  87. peter osoro says

    in my life i have never won anything,just hoping one day i will be lucky

  88. Erik says

    Nexus 9!

  89. Anirban Bluish Dey says

    the prize of the giveaway should be definitely Oneplus one as it is a flagship killer…and i really hope that i may win your giveaway contest as i can’t buy it coz it is not available in india…so im dying for the device and i need it badly too as i currently have no smartphone since i lost my earlier one #Neversettle

  90. Trevor Tsui says

    A nexus 6 would be a great giveaway!

  91. Alexander Blanch says

    oneplus phone

  92. Sachin Goral says

    One more OnePlus One and then one more (till I’m selected as the winner). πŸ˜€

  93. Dharmesh Khatri says

    Nexus 6 will be a good choice

  94. Jeet Dholakia says

    The next contet should be of Samsung Galaxy Note 4

  95. Luke Baatjies says

    A Galaxy Note 4 giveaway wouldn’t be bad, as it is one of the three best phones of 2014 in my opinion. The other two being the HTC One M8 and the Motorola Moto X 2014.

  96. Rahul Chib says

    Nexus 9 giveaway on 1 Janaury

  97. al says

    cash is nice.

  98. Himanshu Prakash says

    Nexus 9 or Nexus 6 would be great

  99. Dan Valentin says

    Meizu Mx 4 if it isn’t too much.

  100. Doman Daniel says

    A Oppo N3 would be a good giveaway.. or a Oppo R5 or.. Ok.. A Nexus 9.

  101. Nikhil Narkhede says

    Note 4 plzz

  102. Travis Faulkner says

    I’d love a moto 360 giveaway!

  103. Firre says

    Nexus 9 would be really sweet!

  104. Isabelo Beliendavid says

    Samsung Note 4 or iPhone 6 plus or Samsung Galaxy tab s 10.5

  105. karla says

    ipad mini please!! πŸ™‚

  106. Antonio says

    Motorola Moto X 2014 white

  107. martina caulfield says

    A nice android phone with great specs

  108. Edwin Amandoron says

    A Samsung Galaxy Alpha giveaway would be nice.

  109. Diana Duarte says

    Some good giveaways in my opinion would be: Nexus 9 or Iphone 6.
    Or for something a little different some acessories for those who already have a OPO.

  110. picollo says

    Nexus 9 giveaway plz

  111. Razin Chougule says

    waiting for it………..fingercrossed

  112. 01Bie says

    Thats amazing choosy giveaway by#Phonehorn

  113. 01Bie says

    Combo Of Nexus6 & Nexus9 Will Be The incredible prize for third giveaway,What You Guys Think?

  114. Anirban Bluish Dey says

    thats how you ditch a deserved winner? i got it πŸ™

  115. Razin Chougule says

    πŸ™ plz remember if he dont reply

    1. Vivek Goel says

      Of course πŸ™‚

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