OnePlus One 64GB priced INR 21,999 and 16GB coming soon


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OnePlus One has finally being launched in India with an exceptional price of just ₹21,999 and is currently available on invite only basis exclusively on Amazon India. The 16GB variant will be launched soon with new stock Android ROM currently being created by OnePlus team after Cyanogen Inc pulled supported for Indian market.

The team said about 20,000 units will be available initially with about 60,000 units till year end. Invites can be obtained through Amazon India and OnePlus Forums and asking the previous buyers who purchased OnePlus One through Amazon India. OnePlus One will also shift to another ROM based on Android Lollipop in January which the team claims will be better than Cyanogen Mod.

OnePlus One removable back panels will also be available with complete guide on how to change the panel and service stations built in different areas offering services. OnePlus team will also value warranty even if you have obtained root and custom roms on your OPO.

So keep an eye on our twitter and facebook channel as we have few invites coming in next week.

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OnePlus One Specification in India

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