Very Funny: After a Tremendous Response Mi3 sale closed!!!


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Flipkart Xiaomi Mi 3

Xiaomi launched Mi3 in India in July this year and no doubt it was priced just perfect at ₹ 13,999 to make sure theirs no competition in the price range. So sales began and didn’t even last seconds and devices sold out just as if you flicked your eyes, everything was crazy fast.

Then after five weeks arrived Redmi 1S which took the charge and Mi3 was discontinued forever in Indian markets as company wanted to focus solely on budget devices in India and Flipkart chose big billion day to make sure the buyers trying from first to last attempt get their Mi3 in cart automatically.

Now theirs no Mi3 in India and its just because Xiaomi had poor strategy or brilliant one is hard to say. Xiaomi needed strong contender in Indian market intially to build awareness of brand and Mi3 was the device which was enough to win million of buyers in a flash but Redmi 1S didn’t have mojo like Mi3.

So Mi India decided to go with Mi3 first and phased it out soon enough to push the easy to produce Redmi 1S in market. This strategy worked by now users can see a message with Flipkart and Xiaomi making their mockery “After a Tremendous Response Mi3 is Permanently Discontinued”

Come on Flipkart just remove the Mi3 tab from their and don’t rub salt and pepper on wounds of Mi3 lovers who weren’t able to grab one.


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