Xiaomi Mi3 Android Lollipop 5.0 Beta version released


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Mi3 lollipop

Xiaomi has changed the perception of world regarding Chinese smartphones are mostly crap and has perfectly crafted devices which garnered immense success that makes Xiaomi the third largest smartphone manufacturer in world and as we reported earlier an update to Android Lollipop for its one of highest selling device i.e. Mi3 it is bound to make customers loyal to brand.

The Android Lollipop 5.0 is pure vanilla that is it doesn’t feature any customization and runs on Xiaomi’s kernel compiled from sources. Currently all the major part of system is working except few bugs which cause random reboots, inability to save video files and NFC doesn’t work. So currently its not the ideal ROM still users can try as the updates will be quick from Xiaomi AOSP developer IVAN. It also comes pre-rooted so tweaking won’t require any addition steps on your behalf.

How to Install Android Lollipop 5.0 on Mi3W

These ROM is only compatible with Mi3 Snapdragon variant also termed Cancro or Mi3W and Mi4. Don’t try on Teagra 4 variant

Download Android Lollipop ROM for Mi3 —– Mi4/Mi3W AOSP ROM


 1. Install Custom Recovery

  • Firstly you need CWM Recovery on your Mi3/Mi4. Download   Mi4 CWM or Mi3 CWM
  • Then Goto Setting>Updater or Open Updater App from homescreen.
  • Press menu button and then “Select update package”
  • Click on install.
  • Reboot in CWM by Powering device off and then Holding Volume Up + Power On and when you see Mi logo keep pressing Volume Up leaving Power key.

2. Backup

  • Backup your device by rebooting to recovery and scrolling down to Backups and Restore.(Not necessary yet highly recommended)
  • As data Wipe is necessary and you cannot use same data or else apps may force close you can visit our Backup and Restore thread to Backup your Device so as to have minimal data loss.

3. Wipe User Data/Factory Reset

  • Wipe User Data/Factory Reset is a must to avoid any force close so make sure not to forget these step.
  • Goto Wipe Data/Reset in CWM using Volume Keys and press Power Key to confirm.
  • Wiping cache may take more than 5-mins but keep waiting as it generally takes very long.

4. Install Android Lollipop 5.0 on Mi3W/Mi4

  • Make sure to select System 1 first as AOSP ROM don’t work perfectly in System 2.
  • Next scroll down and goto Install Zip.
  • Select the downloaded ROM you transferred on your phone storage.
  • Let it install as it generally take 5-8 minutes.
  • Next Goto Advanced and see if System 1 is active or not. If not activate it or you will reboot in MIUI.
  • After Selecting System 1 as active system click on reboot system now.
  • You should now boot in AOSP ROM.

Tip: To avoid random reboots install Wake Lock – PowerManager from Play Store.

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If you by any chance want to go back to MIUI either restore the backup you made before flashing AOSP or follow this Guide.

I hope you have successfully flashed the AOSP ROM on your phone with Google Play and Google Now with your favorite language. If you face any issues connect with me on twitter, comments, or hangouts on vivek23994@gmail.com

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