LG G3 receiving Android Lollipop 5.0 Update in Europe


Korean manufacturer, LG has always being late in seeding latest version of Android even to its flagship devices, but this time this isn’t the case as Android Lollipop for G3 is already rolling out in select European countries.


This update was earlier live in Poland and now Vodafone UK users are receiving the update. In next few weeks other unlocked and carrier locked European devices will be updated to Android Lollipop.

Android Lollipop brings all the famous features to the table including new UI, ART runtime, better battery management and enhanced security. It also makes it lot easier to switch devices with one tap by using its new Setup process.

Other LG devices to receive Android Lollipop will be announced shortly which will include LG G Pro 2 and LG G2 for sure and for rest of LG lineup we can just pray.

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