Micromax Effect: OnePlus gets temporarily banned in India


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After Xiaomi another popular Chinese smartphone manufacturer has been temporarily banned from marketing, selling and shipping mobile device in India and this times its OnePlus.

Oneplus One

The order comes from Delhi HC after Micromax had complained against OnePlus for having infringed its exclusivity to use Cyanogen ROM under the agreement with Cyanogen. OnePlus had been selling phones in India with CyanogenMod on them despite Micromax having an exclusivity deal with Cyanogen. The complaint was naturally made by Micromax, following which OnePlus has been temporarily banned from selling and importing devices with CyanogenMod in India, although the company can sell its existing stock.

Cyanogen had recently inked a deal with the Indian manufacturer Micromax and according to the agreement, the exclusivity of offering CyanogenMod OS running devices would remain to Micromax’s new entity Yu. Both the companies came out in the public and made some statements. By the looks of the appalling communication from Cyanogen, we thought that they were the company to blame for the mess. As it turns out, Cyanogen seems to have requested OnePlus to stop using Cyanogen branding in India even before the device was officially launched.

We have heard before from OnePlus that the company is working on its own Android ROM, which was expected to be made available as early as next month. Following this ban, the company will have to expedite its work on the ROM if it intends to continue selling phones in India or temporarily stop sales until the ROM is ready for big time.

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