How to Root HTC Desire Eye and Install Custom Recovery Easily


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HTC Desire Eye is the complete device HTC forgot since the launch of Sensation series followed by One. Now the device appears better than the flagship device with 13-megapixels in front and in back along with same dual led flash both sides. So today we show you how to root HTC Desire Eye so you can tame the beast easily.



Rooting your device may cause loss of warranty.

You are only responsible for any further losses and damages caused to device. We will not be held liable in any circumstances.

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Onepagebook and XDA-Developers Forum

Before Proceeding read Benefits and Losses from Rooting

  Advantages and Disadvantages of Rooting your Android Device.

   Guide on How to Root HTC Desire Eye Easily

Before you proceed any further make sure to charge your device above 30%, though we recommend a full charged device before rooting.

  Step -1: Make Sure Device Model No

Check the model number of device and make sure you have correct model or device for which the guide is prepared. Be warned before using this guide with any other product from same brand or different brand.

This guide is for HTC  Desire Eye and its variants including AT&T Model and International Unlocked Model only.

  Step 0: Backup your Device

Backup is mandatory as this will wipe most of internal data. Backup is always recommended. Below is guide on how to backup most of your data.

  Backup your Android Device.

  Step 1: Downloads the following files

Here’s link to download  TWRP Recovery and SuperSu

  Step 2: Unlock Bootloader

We have prepared a step by step easy to follow guide on how to unlock bootloader. This step in mandatory so you need to visit the unlocked bootloader page provided below.

How to Unlock Bootloader of HTC Devices   Click Here

  Step 3: Transfer the downloaded SuperSU

Transfer the downloaded to root of device memory after downloading and the proceed to next step.

  Step 4: Reboot to Fastboot mode and Flash Recovery

If device is on press Volume Down and Power Key together for about 10 seconds and device will turn off. At this point leave power key but keep holding volume down and you will enter to fastboot mode.

Connect Phone to PC using data cable. Extract files from Recovery Flash HTC Desire Eye.rar in one location and simply click on flash-recovery.bat.  Just type in f and hit enter to start flashing recovery. It will start pushing TWRP to your device and within few seconds it will show as finished. Type r to start phone in normal mode.

Disconnect phone and using volume keys select recovery option and reboot to recovery and install SuperSu by selecting Install zip > and selecting transferred in first step to obtain root privilege.

After successfully flashing the SuperSU reboot to system and congratulation now you have proper root access.

  Verify Root Access

To verify root access by installing the Root Check from   Play Store.

If you faced any trouble or have any thing to say just drop your comment below. Do share the post with friends.

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  1. Jennifer :P says

    The “One M8.exe” that I extracted from the downloaded archive is there for a second when I open the file but then it just disappears. When I try to open it before it disappears, something pops up which says “Windows cannot find “…” make sure you have typed the name correctly, and then try again.” When I try to open it directly from the archive (without extracting it first), it says “This app can’t run on your PC. To find a version for your PC, check with the software publisher.” I’m currently using Windows 8.1. I have tried opening it as administrator but it didn’t make a difference. Is this file broken or is it just incompatible with my PC? If it is could you possibly give me a link to something with might work? Thanks for reading, pls reply asap

    1. Jennifer :P says

      Here are some screenshots of what happens when I try to open the program.

    2. Jennifer :P says


  2. Francis De la Cruz says

    guys pls help…my phone went to black with a red triangle and and exclamation point symbol
    what will i do…? pls help me

  3. Mohamed Zumri says

    i follow all the steps but still my htc desire eye not rooted successfully!!supper su is not open what to now?

  4. Mohamed Zumri says

    its says like this can help me pls???

  5. Mohamed Zumri says

    its says like this can help me pls???

  6. SAMIR MONDAL says

    same problem for me as mohd zumri’s problem… can anyone help us

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