CM Security : Simply Best App with Vault and App Lock and Much Much More


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Android Play Store is filled with variety of apps for every single task, some are excellent and some useless. CM Security is among the app which is useful and can replace three apps for one on your smartphone.

CM Security

CM Security offers one of the best App Lock service. It enables the user to select apps to lock and users don’t need to enter the pattern again and again as it will not ask to enter password until you press lock key on smartphone. This comes in handy during multi tasking and it has one of the coolest UI with Google Now cards type design.

Next up is the vault feature which can be used to lock photos and videos, this also enables users to hide private photos in a locker to prevent unauthorized access. Another great feature is selfie of intruder to let you know who was messing with your smartphone as it takes pic of intruder whenever wrong pattern is entered twice.

Moreover it packs in an antivirus which is ranked top in AV-TEST and AV-Comparatives tests to make your smartphone secure from growing apps and website pushing harmful malware on your smartphone. It also come with Find your device option which sounds a loud alarm without caring about your device being mute. Though the anti-theft is not so great on this app so its better to rely on better alternatives.

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It also comes with Call Blocker and it allows you to restrict harmful websites acting as a firewall. So that makes it almost an all rounder and it has nothing to do with Cyanogenmod. For anyone looking for cleaner, antivirus, app lock, vault and much more CM Security is the app you want to try and don’t forget its 100% free and is the best app and vault app on Android.

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  1. Parys Baker says

    Secret box is gone. So are my photos. They’re still on my phone (I think), but I can’t unencrypt them or access them. There was no warning that they were removing the feature and as far as I can tell, no effort is being made to return everyone’s photos to their phones.

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