Xiaomi Releases Source for Redmi 1S as New Year Gift


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Xiaomi after a long long wait have finally released kernel sources of Redmi 1S for developers to develop custom kernels and fully functional third party ROM. The sources are available at github for developers to start working.

Xiaomi Kernel Source

After lots of request by developers and users, Xiaomi promised to release the kernel sources. Generally kernel sources are released simultaneously with release of device, but Xiaomi has been reluctant with open sourcing kernel sources and hence substantial delay was caused.

Even Xiaomi has promised to release the kernel sources for Mi3 and Mi4 earlier but failed to deliver on mentioned timeline giving lame excuses and now former is even discontinued in some parts while a successor to later is coming in next couple of months. This surely is relief for Redmi 1S owners and some hope for owners of other Xiaomi devices.


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