Alcatel launches self branded E-Store in US


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Chinese smartphone maker TCL, known as Alcatel in international markets has launched their online store, for the Alcatel brand. Currently all Alcatel devices that it has customized for carriers are listed, along with unloced devices and accessories

So if you’re in the US, and have longed for good budget smart phones unlocked then you can now order Alcatel devices straight from their store. The store will make the Alcatel brand more well known in the US as it is still massively devoid of any good attention. Its French origins mean it has a good deal of notoriety in Europe, but not so much across the world which is something Alcatel is focusing upon.

Alcatel’s US store is co-poweredby Amazon, allowing users to get Prime benefits if they are subscribed to that. As the brand is already known for online presence in a few European countries, which it plans to expand later this year. By the end of first quarter, one can see an Alcatel store in Canada.

As of now you can buy accessories including device covers, NFC tags, power banks, Bluetooth headsets, and more and few mobile devices too which includes Alcatel OneTouch Idol X+, Idol Mini, Pop C9, and Idol 2S. Also available are Pop 7 and Pop 8 tablets.

All the unlocked devices at the moment are up for pre-order only, and actual shipping will being on January 28 should you pre order them on time.


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