HTC keen to follow Apple route with 5.5-inch HTC One (M9) Plus

HTC isn’t making HTC One M9 the ultimate UTOPIA but the perfect one, but with the One (M9) Plus HTC is making sure to get covered the fans who demand nothing less by including all the beastly specs a smartphone in 2015 could possess.

HTC One M9 Plus Front

When HTC decided not to enlarge display and bump resolution it was rather shocking but it was understandable as the advantages are more significant of paper, now it turns out HTC ultimate flagship is HTC One (M9) Plus which will just settle the equation with all the beast in town. It packs in the hyped QHD Display which is 5.5-inch big, Snapdragon 810, 3GB of RAM and Android Lollipop with Sense 7.0.

It will also feature 20.7-megapixels rear camera along with depth sensor supposedly missing on One M9 and better front camera. HTC hasn’t forgotten the fingerprint scanner and home button. It seems like last year HTC introduced card slot and now the scanner and now there aren’t any caveats of owning HTC smartphones. Whatever else it is packing under the hood, HTC has this time covered all the loose ends and the scene at MWC 2015 is definitely going to be as exiting as arrival of Winters in Game of Thrones.

HTC One M9 Plus

As for now feast your eyes with leaked shots and we will make sure to bring forth complete details from MWC 2015 where HTC UTOPIA will be arriving on March 1.

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