Horibble state of Ads while Browsing on Android – Petetion


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Android and iPhone revolutionized the Worldwide Web in such a way that now every major website has a separate mobile version. But sadly some websites are doing it right most are not. Use of popup adverts made browsing on PC horrible and soon many browsers fixed the issue by not allowing website to open popups and now two out of three websites are using similar technique on mobile devices.


With personal experience most websites redirect you to Play Store without asking anything and some gives you an option mentioning to either free up space or your device is infected and no matter you click ok or back button you end up on Play Store. All this can be fixed by adding a simple ad blocker app but that means to kill genuine app developers earning who spend day and night to develop quality apps.

All of this can be tolerated if the content is displayed after this cheap trick, but all you will get is the same page no matter how hard you press back key and eventually you will either use app of particular website or view the article on desktop. This situation calls for immediate attention from Google so I would like to invite everyone to sign the petition so Google can act on this issue and find some solution.


If you have not faced this kind of issue try using Android default browser or Chrome and see the magic happen after you open the website try opening one or two articles and you will know what I am talking about. Some Example sites are Phonearena.com, Indiatoday, etc. I am not targetting any particular website as these two happen to be last visited popular website so take part in change and vote for petition for an action to be taken by Website admins and Google to improve browsing on mobile devices.

Come on Guys Its time for CHANGE Sign the Petition now Stop Spamming Be Creative with Ads just like Content


Get real time updates directly on you device, subscribe now.

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