Xiaomi partners with AOKP for Lollipop flavored MIUI 7


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Xiaomi has been great at manufacturing and marketing devices and the software inside i.e. MIUI is also a unique and highly customized Android version making it difficult for Team MIUI to make it compatible with new updates resulting in delayed core Android updates.


But now the Xiaomi and Team AOKP partnership means the more lightweight AOSP will combine the magic of both as Xiaomi is planning to expand to international markets. It will also bridge the gap in delay in software updates in future and will make upgrading Android version for Xiaomi less cumbersome.

MIUI 7 will debut sometime in June-July with launch of new Xiaomi flagship Mi5 and it will be subsequently rolled out to previous generation devices. For those still wondering what is AOKP, it is just another big name like Cyanogen responsible for delivering after market Android Firmwares which are feature loaded and light weight than the manufacturer software.

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