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Download HTC ONE M9 Drivers for Windows (ADB + MTP + Fastboot)


Just purchased the HTC One M9 and having trouble connecting it to the PC? Well, to your rescue is our all in one driver Guide which will make sure the trouble vanishes in thin air. It’s most probably a drivers issue, and it varies from various versions of Windows, XP being the worst as its quiet old and manufacturers don’t care anymore.


Finding the right drivers for device is somewhat difficult, Luckily, in case of HTC Android devices, it’s relatively easier. You’ve couple of easy options to install HTC One M9 driver on your PC, first being the drivers installer itself which may not work in some cases (like XP), and second being the HTC Sync software which most of us don’t likes but it gets the drivers installed done, so its worth installing in case you aren’t successful with Drivers only.


Before proceeding, let’s first clean your computer of leftover drivers that haven’t been completely uninstalled and are conflicting (or might do so) with the new drivers. So, do this:

  1. First off disconnect your phone from your PC.
  2. Uninstall any previous drivers installed for your phone on your computer by going to Control Panel and Remove Programs.
  3. Reboot your computer.(Optional but Recommended)

Now follow the two driver installation methods discussed below:


Installing drivers using this method should work in almost every case, if not, refer to the next method. This involves drivers only installation, and the next method involves installing drivers through HTC’s Sync software.

  Download HTC One M9 Driver (17 MB)
Filename: HTC_Driver_4.10.0.001.exe

  1. Download the HTC One M9 driver setup file from the link above.
  2. Double-click/run the setup file on your Windows PC and begin the drivers installation.
  3. (Optional but Recommended) Once finished, reboot your PC.
  4. Connect your Galaxy S6 to PC, it should be recognized well in all three modes — MTP, ADB and Fastboot mode.


Install HTC Sync— HTC’s proprietary software for connecting your phone on your PC for managing Backup and Media. It will install the proper drivers for your phone.

  1. Connect your HTC One M9 to your PC.
  2. Download and install HTC Sync → Download link
  3. Once installation is finished, your One M9 should be working on the PC.

Now it is certain you have a working drivers on your PC.


In case you may need some troubleshooting….

  1. Connect your phone to other USB ports on your computer.
  2. Try different USB cables. The original cable that came with your phone should work best, if not try any other branded cable of good quality.
  3. Reboot computer.
  4. Uninstall drivers by going to Device Manager and uninstalling drivers and then re-installing it.


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