{Update: Winner Announced} WorldWide Giveaway : HTC One M9 or Samsung Galaxy S6


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One M9 or Galaxy S6
Here we are back with another great giveaway. This time the prize is HTC One M9 or Samsung Galaxy S6, whichever the winner will select. This giveaway is international so just enter it if you are above the legal age in your country.
Winner will be announced after a week the Giveaway ends and winner needs to revert with required details within 48 hours or a new one will be selected.
UPDATE: The winner is Tanushree Rai. We have sent you an email regarding the same, please revert back in 48 hours with your choice or else the prize will be forfeited and a new winner will be selected. For others who didn’t win a new contest is scheduled for June. This time prize won’t be a flagship. It will be a Asus Zenfone 2 vs Xiaomi Mi4i Giveaway.

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  1. Aaron says

    I would want a Nexus 9 giveaway next 🙂

  2. Qboss says

    HTC One M9

  3. MANJIT SARMA says

    Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge !

  4. Harry Malhotra says

    Nexux 9 is next giveaway.

  5. Mary María says


  6. khalifa danliman says

    i want the s6 any colour

  7. Virin Chungpaiboon says

    Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge :))

  8. Niall Porreca says

    S6 Edge pls!

  9. Serg Ospishev says

    amsung Galaxy S6 Edge

  10. Wendy Hatton says

    I’d be happy for any chance to win a Samsung Galaxy S6 to keep me up to date.

  11. yvsaimadhav says

    Galaxy S6

  12. Penish says

    Nexus 9 in the next giveaway would be great…im ready to participate

  13. Sapphirebel R says

    Iphone6 or ipad

  14. Sachin Goral says

    HTC One M9. So that we could get one more chance to win it

  15. Deogratias Komba says

    i want a PS4 in next giveaway

  16. temasek2005 says

    I want the next giveaway to be Xiaomi Note Pro.

  17. pierre says


  18. Ionut-Alexandru Miron says

    I would like again S6, M9 or Iphone 6 because of NEEDFUL and it’s UTILITY. Also having the change to win a device (smartphone) like this, I could replace my old generation smartphone and this will definitely help me with my studies, for example when I rapidly need to verify some words from online dictionaries or websites (to finish my translations) a fast and handy device like those will not disappoint me. And not only, also because of all those functions that the smartphone have.

    Thanks phonehorn for giving us this chance

  19. Sean Ang says

    Maybe a Samsung Galaxy Note 4, OnePlus One or Xiaomi Note Pro for next giveaway.

  20. Darpan says

    maybe iphone 6 plus would be great.

  21. antonella togato says


  22. Christos Tsartsalis says

    htc m9

  23. isterico89 says

    Macbook Air

  24. Patrick Leinweber says

    The M9 looks sweet. I’ve had the M7 for the past two years and it’s been a fruitful relationship. Thanks for the opportunity, got my fingers crossed!

  25. ramyunluv says

    Anything Apple

  26. JaJa says

    I want the Samsung s6

  27. Pratik Doshi says

    Samsung suhd tv

  28. Dan Valentin says

    Anything android.

  29. Andreas Niggemann says

    Samsung s6 AWESOME !!

  30. Oliver Wiegand says

    AWESOME Smartphone 🙂

  31. Pratish Shakya says

    Smart Samsung S6

  32. Maricel says

    iPad Air 2 or iPhone 6

  33. Karo Kun says

    Any giveaway will do:D

  34. abhinav says

    i want the upcoming Asus Zenfone 2 ZE551ML up for graps in the next giveaway! Would be great.

  35. Aman Singh Bhalla says

    Samsung galaxy S6/S6 Edge!

  36. Ling Cheung says

    MacBook 2015

  37. Jay Kay says

    I’d like an LG G4 in the next giveaway (assuming it will be available by then).

  38. Deepak Rawat says

    In the next giveaway, I would like to compete for the Note 4 Edge

  39. Anton Arry says

    Galaxy S6 would be great

  40. Virin Chungpaiboon says

    Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge 🙂

  41. Matthew Papa says

    HTC M9 please

  42. Amit Sharma says

    Galaxy S6

  43. Rohan Lasrado says

    Galaxy S6

  44. Sephiresh says

    Samsung s6

  45. Adam Sa says

    Galaxy s6 edge i hope for one

  46. dr.who says

    Galaxy S6

    Thanks for this amazing giveaway 🙂

  47. Sarah J Jackson says

    anything that isnt apple !

  48. Hrishikesh Mhatre says

    Been using Galaxy S4 for 2 years now, would be delighted to upgrade it to Galaxy S6.

  49. Lissete Vega says

    I would love to win a Samsumg Galaxy S6! 🙂

  50. sayo says

    Just to dare would you give to people of this side of the world.. i would like a samsung galaxy s 6.. tq

    1. Vivek says

      I won’t select the winner computer will in a Random Test after filtering Spam so don’t worry every one has same chances….. All you can do is have as much entries as you can….

  51. Rosie Chua says

    Next giveaway: Samsung Galaxy S6 or S6 Edge.

  52. mimz says

    Next: Xperia Z.

  53. як says

    nokia 3210

  54. JennyChua says

    I want Xiaomi Note/Note Pro or OnePlus Two.

  55. Ruzaika says

    I’d love a Macbook giveaway next! Thanks for this amazing opportunity 🙂

  56. Jakub Kociszewski says

    Xperia Z1 Compact would be great

  57. JO says

    Great Giveaway! Thanks

  58. Trillina Palemi says

    awesome smartphone

  59. dannel50 says

    Sony Xperia Z4

  60. Vladimir Sibiliev says

    nvidia shield

  61. Dania Dania says

    Sony Xperia Z4

  62. Hamdaad Hamza says

    iphone 6

  63. Bianca Rogoveanu says

    Iphone 6 gold !

  64. Andreea Cristi says

    Sony Xperia Z2

  65. Junjun Cesa says

    LG G4 if ever its available. 🙂

  66. Tatyana Kaul says

    Sony Xperia Z2

  67. Ryan Quevauvilliers says

    iPhone 6 plus next please

  68. viktormadarasz says

    iphone 6 and iphone 6 plus for the next giveaway international please

  69. dora trani says

    iPhone 6 plus next please

  70. Divya Asha says

    In next giveaway, I want a tab.

  71. Brenda Tsukamoto says

    Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

  72. Ashwin Prasad says

    M9. More smartphone giveaways

  73. David Horvat says

    I want the Samsung s6

  74. Ghazala Naseem says

    Done all the steps

  75. Ghazala Naseem says

    I want a iphone6 in next giveaway

  76. arra carrasco-odeza says

    I would love to win because I need a new phone that I could give as a gift to my mom

  77. abdessalam sarouf says

    Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

  78. Michael Vincent Baldonado says

    I want Iphone6 plus in next giveaway

  79. Edmar Evangelista says

    I want HTC One M9

  80. Karen Po says

    Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge for the next giveaway pls? :))

  81. CY Ang says

    Next giveway: Galaxy S6 Edge, Xiaomi Note Pro or OnePlus Two.

  82. Shashank Chourey says

    OnePlus One

  83. Krasen Tomov says

    Galaxy S6 edge

  84. Lovely Joy V. Merced says

    Sony Xperia z4 please 😀

  85. Travis Faulkner says

    Love a chance at the new Moto 360 or Huwaei’s smart watch

  86. Ryan says

    Sony Xperia Z4 or OnePlus One/Two

  87. Elaine says

    The next giveaway I hope will be of a Samsung S6 Edge

  88. Steven DuckDuck Purnell says

    A PS4 with a driving game bundle 🙂

  89. Mary Kezzie says

    vouchers for high street shopping

  90. Aleksandar Kochovski says

    LG G4. Easily the best phone ever built.
    But for this giveaway, I’d choose the Galaxy S6.

  91. beverly turtal says

    Galaxy S6 please.I badly need a new phone

  92. Aashish Satyal says

    Samsung Galaxy S6…Thanks for the Opportunity!

  93. L V says

    For the next giveaway? Samsung galaxy s6 edge or a LG G4.

  94. ΧΡΥΣΑ ΔΙΠΛΑ says

    Samsung Galaxy S6…Thanks for the Opportunity!

  95. Nikolina Vukelić says

    any laptop would be fine… lol

    1. як says

      nikolina bok 😛
      jesi dobila kakvu nagradu dosad?

      1. Nikolina Vukelić says

        Ovdje ne, ne znam na sto tocno mislis

  96. Junnel Montelibano says

    LG G4 for the next giveaway!

  97. Rene Chartier says

    A laptop would be nice for the next giveaway.

  98. Adhya Pradipta Jiwa says

    A black Galaxy S6! The 64gb/128gb version would be better because it has no extenal storage option. :p

  99. Colleen Boudreau says

    A laptop!

  100. Sakshi Bhinda says

    Galaxy s6…. Too awesome! ^_^

  101. Hersh Marty says

    awesome giveaway! a laptop or computer (desktop) component would be cool options for the next giveaway. Thanks

  102. Ericos says

    Next giveaway can be paypal credit??

  103. Tomislav Kuhada says

    Maybe a laptop

  104. Kevin Smith says

    Blackberry Phone!

  105. Dilshan Chathuranga says

    Samsung note 4

  106. Emil says

    Samsung Galaxy S6/S6 Edge

  107. cezovski says

    I’d love to win an iPhone 6S or a Samsung Galaxy S6.

  108. Sandres Somo says

    Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

  109. William Kwok says

    LG G4 for the next one.

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