Yu Yureka Plus Vs Yu Yureka In-Depth Comparison


Yu Yureka Plus was announced by Yu Televentures just a few days ago and it essentially is an upgraded Yu Yureka. So lets find out on what are the major differences in Yu Yureka Plus and its original counterpart Yu Yureka.


  1. Yu Yureka Plus has better rear camera sensor i.e IMX214 from Sony, than Yureka’s IMX135
  2. Snapdragon 615 2nd Gen SoC is present in Yureka Plus.
  3. Full HD Display compared to HD Display on Yureka.
  4. More robust and sturdier built quality.
  5. Also available in White color.
  6. Price is now Rs 9,999.

Apart from these there is nothing distinguishing the Yureka Plus and Yureka. Although we would have liked increased battery capacity, Yu Yureka Plus is not disappointing as the camera and display upgrade are worth extra 1000 bucks.

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