Want to Listen to Whatsapp Messages without Picking Phone Try Announcer


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Whatsapp have taken over Facebook messaging, SMS and other IM services by storm and now it is the most popular text communication service with user base growing each and every minute.


It is sometimes annoying while eating or driving if some message pops up and you don’t know whether its important or just hmmm or kk. So a new app with name Announcer for Whatsapp is there to help you.

What does Announcer for Whatsapp do:

1. Read the sender name .
2. Read the content of the message.
3. Read only name or only the message content.
4. Allow schedule when the app is in sleep mode.
5. The application allows you to block specific friends and specific groups.
6. Blocking announcing from groups.
7. Announcing through the headset / headphone / bluetooth only.


It will basically read out name and content of text from every individual, but there’s also an option to block Announcer from spilling your secret relationship as you can limit it to stop reading their messages which should be handy. So just give it a spin for free for a period of 15-days and if you like get the paid version for just a dollar.

Download Announcer for WhatsApp: 15-day trial | Full version ($1)

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