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Easily Run Two Whatsapp on a Phone using Parallel Space


Ever had a thought of using two WhatsApp on same number, now its possible without the need of Whatsapp Plus, GBWhatsapp, etc. A simple app can now allow you to run multiple Whatsapp , Wechat, Hike on same number.


Just download the app from Play Store named Parallel Space and open the app. There’s an add button on which you have to click to add the desired app you want to duplicate, in our case Whatsapp.

Now just login with your another WhatsApp number. Although this method is great, it has one major advantage and disadvantage.


The benefit is when the app is killed from multitasking menu it ceases to run in background and you have to open app again to view received messages. This will help you stay focused on the other hand it may cause you to miss some of important notification.


Anyways its a blessing that app like this exist.

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