Swing is another Addictive Game Just Like Flappy Bird


Flappy Bird was insanely difficult endless game that was addictive and frustrating to play. Although it was later pulled out by the developer it made a cult following among mass and several clones emerged. Even Google incorporated a version in Android Lollipop’s Easter Egg.

Now it time for Swing another addictive game which doesn’t end. The objective of game is simple, that is to score as many points as you can. You swing via a rope, all you got to do is tap at the right time to jump on platform.

If the jump is right in center 2 points are awarded and with each consecutive centered jump the points per jump is one point more than previous one like 2, 3,4,5. For normal jumps you get one point only.

There are diamonds to collect to unlock different characters, also their is sharing option for high score. All in all its a simple, fun and immersive game which you can play just fine on any Android smartphone as this is simple and lightweight and doesn’t need the horsepower like most of graphics intensive games.

Grab Swing from –„Äč Play Store

Author: Vivek

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