Reliance Restructures and Comes Out Stronger with Better Service


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Reliance often criticized for its poor customer service has surprising turned one of the key disappointment to an asset. Although that has led to certain disadvantages but still the working of company currently is a step in right direction. So here we take a look how has Reliance restructured the operations to topple other operators.

No More 2G in Certain Circles

Although having no 2G network act as a deterrent for most companies but it may actually be good idea, with booming sales of smartphone 3G is now common so why use old tech. Although many old users faced issues causing lot of harm to brand but eventually it was wise to focus on growing needs of users as 4G and 3G are future.

Also the Aircel merger has provided hopes of strong network throughout India, the network sharing pact with Vodafone has allowed Reliance to keep 2G customer-base intact.

Affordable Plans

Reliance has most affordable plans compared to other networks. It is also one of those operators whose all new postpaid plans includes free throttled internet access so users who utilize the limited data will now not have to bear extra charges. Although many franchise outlets mislead the consumers by terming plan as unlimited which may hamper brand value but from Reliance end they don’t explicitly brand this plan as unlimited.


The major failure in telecom segment CDMA is now going to be wiped out from India’s history with only Tata Photon and BSNL EVDO using CDMA for their data card services. Now CDMA spectrum is being liberalized and as its on 850 MHz band it can penetrate concrete walls and signals below tunnels will be reality and with 4G on 850 MHz one can expect a huge shift of momentum in Telecom segment.

Reliance 4G will be similar to Jio 4G as both will be sharing almost 100% of each other networks and offer VoLTE, while Airtel 4G has been rolled out from one city to another, Reliance 4G will commercially launch almost covering half of country. The pricing it expected to be cheaper than competition and bundled data offers will be one of key points in Reliance 4G.

Six Sigma Customer Service

[pb-app-box pname=’com.rts.ic.ym’ name=’Reliance InstaCare’ theme=’discover’ lang=’en’]

The customer service of Reliance was mediocre at best few months back, but with Reliance new initiatives the customer service has vastly improved. Their Smartcare via twitter is one of the best example to utilize social network, other one is Instacare to cater the smartphone users. We had a positive experience with complaints being solved within 24 hours. Moreover all it took was few taps and I didn’t have to waste time on IVR, though their 198 service can be improved vastly.


Although we had mostly favorable experience, Reliance has to address many concerns. Firstly their affordable plans for Prepaid users have vanished in most parts of India due to sharing of 2G spectrum and that should be fixed as soon as possible as MNP has allowed users to move to other networks.

Stores support of Reliance is poor because a very few franchises are true to customers. Although it is not same for all, but still 30% of Franchises are prone to misbehave with customers, cheat or lie customers for their personal gain.

That’s it for Reliance, we hope they continue offering good customer service and improve their network as soon as possible.

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