Amazing This is The Only App That Pays for Exercising


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Workouts are boring and tiring and no one likes to exercise unless there is a directly linked benefit which motivates them.

So now a developer has created an app that pays you for exercising. Yeah you heard that right, a app by name Pact will pay users for exercising and eating healthy.

But there’s a catch of course, you will get paid by users who aren’t completing their goals. If you make a pact to hit Gym for specified number of times and eat healthy food which will be verified using your GPS and Pictures you will be asked to click and upload, then you need to complete your goals, otherwise you will have to pay a penalty.

The same penalty will be circulated amongst the regular Pact users fulfilling the required task. Currently Pact has motivated millions and many users have hit 95% of their health goals and it is revolutionary new way to stay healthy and fit.

Pact (iOS|Android)

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