Rejoice HTC Sense UI Fans, Sense 8 Coming to Non HTC Devices Soon


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HTC Sense 8.0
HTC Sense 8.0

HTC hasn’t been able to sell devices in quantity as they would have hoped, but still many love the clean and minimal HTC Sense UI and HTC is ready to allow other devices to have Sense experience which will directly benefit HTC from sponsored contents and creating a brand awareness.

Though the update is currently in closed beta but HTC is working hard to bring it to large number of devices by testing in different devices to ensure compatibility across the wide spectrum of Android device.

Android KitKat is a must for Android Sense 8.0 to work so if you have Jellybean or earlier version then don’t get your hopes too high.

It will also bring in the most highlighted feature of Sense 8 “freestyle layout“, which allows users to take control of their homescreen. 

So What are your thoughts on this move by HTC? Will you be switching to HTC Sense 8.0 Homescreen once it arrives? Are you excited about HTC Sense 8.0 coming to non-HTC Devices? Let us know your opinion below in comments and do share and like our social network pages to stay updated.

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