How to Unlock Mi5 Bootloader and Install MIUI 8


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Xiaomi was once a root friendly device and now it has turned on the bootloader lock and believe us it isn’t easy to unlock.

Got an error getting stuck at 50% while Unlocking Bootloader? Can’t Verify Update Error While Flashing Latest Developer ROM Via Recovery? Here we are to get you out of mess.

The MIUI forum is another disappointment as users don’t reply, and even if anyone gets a reply its the same repeated one.

Here in this guide we will help you out to probably unlock your smartphone in all possible cases. We also we have a helpline on Whatsapp to help you out. So lets get going.

Steps to Unlock Mi5 Bootloader

  1. Request the permission to unlock on MIUI Unlock.
  2. Flash Latest Developer ROM using updater.
  3. Unlock Bootloader using MiFlashUnlock.
  4. Flash MIUI 8 using MiFlash.

#1 Request the permission to unlock on MIUI Unlock

  1. Visit MIUI Unlock website.
  2. Apply for Unlocking permission.
  3. Fill the required form.

Now once you do above mentioned steps you just need to wait for MIUI Team to send you an SMS confirming you can now unlock your device. It can take from 2-14 days. Although Team Mi may fail to deliver the SMS you can raise an issue on their forum on this thread. This step depends on Team MIUI and we can’t help you obtain permission.

Now after obtaining permission move to second step.

#2 Flash Latest Developer ROM using Updater

  1. Download latest Developer ROM for your Mi5 by clicking here.
  2. Now transfer it to your Mi5.
  3. Goto Updater App from launcher or Settings>About Phone>System Updates.
  4. Now Tap on the three dots on top right and click on Choose Update Package.
  5. Now locate where you transferred the downloaded zip and flash it. (Note: All Data will be lost during this step)
  6. It will ask to Erase Data confirm that and wait for around 10-20 minutes for your device to reset.
  7. Once the device reboots sign in to your Mi Account used in first step and login.
  8. Now visit and click on Find device.
  9. Once it detects your device move to next step.

Troubleshooting: During update the device may give error saying Can’t Verify Update. Just keep trying every day. It flashed on 15th day for us.

#3 Unlock Bootloader using MiFlashUnlock

  1. Now open MiFlashUnlock on your Windows desktop running at least Windows 7 and connected to internet.
  2. Turn device off and press and hold Volume Button and Power Key to reboot in Fastboot mode.
  3. In MiFlashUnlock interface login to Mi Account used in first step.
  4. Now click on Unlock button on bottom.
  5. Wait for it to get past 100%.

Troubleshooting: It may get stuck at 50% and this can happen for most of you. Try repeating Find my device feature nad make sure your Find Device option is turned on.

#4 Flash MIUI 8 Using MiFlash

  1. Download and install MiFlash.
  2. Download Fastboot ROM from MIUI Forum page . Make sure to select Developer ROM. Chinese Dev ROM don’t have Google Play while Global Version has Google Play inbuilt.
  3. Turn device off and press and hold Volume Button and Power Key to reboot in Fastboot mode.
  4. Extract the Fastboot ROM. (Note: If you use 7zip it extracts fine. But when using Winrar another file is extracted so rename that extracted file by adding .zip in end and extract again)tongyong-3-2
  5. Now select the folder in your MiFlash while was installed in first step.tongyong-3-3
  6. Connect device and press Flash.
  7. Wait for indicator to show Success.tongyong3-4
    Note: Reset device again after flash to make sure no issues occur even after flash. Also this may take time so be patient. Don’t play with device in anxiety as loose connection may cause trouble while flashing.

    Thia guide is 100% foolproof way to get an unlocked bootloader on Mi5 and flash it to MIUI 8, but in case you still have issues you can add our Whatsapp number +91-7008117168 and decribe your issue & you will surely get a reply in 24 hours. Anyone calling on the number or Whatsapp Calling will not be helped at all as it is provided only for emergency case.

    Feel free to share this article and help out others.


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