How to Download & Update Asus Zenfone Zoom ZX551ML Android 6.0 Marsmallow


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Asus, the well known Taiwanese smartphone maker has now launched Android 6.0 Marshmallow update for Zenfone Zoom and this update bring the best from Google OS along with the new and improved battery management, new permissions manages and better system performance. Also Asus has trimmed the bloat and has made the customisation where needed.


The Android 6.0 update will be provided Over the Air from Setting > Check For Updates page but in case you need to download and update due to a failed update or to ensure no leftover files from current version messes with the handset later on and cause troubles, here is your handy guide to update it to Android M aka Marshmallow.

Official Release Note

  • Improved Items:

    1.[BSP] Update OS to Andorid M

    2. APP2SD won’t be supported in Android 6.0 (Marshmallow). Please move apps to the internal storage before system upgrade.

    3. The apps listed below will no longer be pre-loaded once your device has been upgraded to Android 6.0 (Marshmallow).

  • (1)ASUS Backup
    (2)Google Play Books
    (3)Google Play Games
    (4)Google Play Newsstand
    (6)ZenFlash (Can be downloaded from Google play)
    4. Add new features and new apps:
    – Google Calendar
    – Google Messenger
    – Facebook
    – Facebook messenger
    – Instagram
    5. Remove Asus Email, Asus Calendar, Asus Messaging, Asus Browser and Asus Music after Factory Reset. You could use Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Messenger, Chrome and Google Play Music for relevant services

    6. Multi-user and SnapView will not be supported. If you wish to continue to use multi-user, please keep using current account
    7. Please backup your data before upgrading

How to Update Asus Zenfone Zoom ZX551KL to Android 6.0 Firmware

Supported devices

  • ASUS ZenFone Zoom ZX551KL (WWregion)
  • Don’t try on any other device whatsoever


Disclaimer: Although updating your device using official firmware from the company doesn’t voids your device’s warranty, it remains a manual process and thus needs caution. It is advisable to take a full backup of your device so that you don’t loose your data in case anything goes wrong. In any case, you only are responsible for your device. We won’t be liable if any damage occurs to your device and/or its components.

Backup necessary stuff. In case your device is wiped off, it’s good to have backup of contacts, photos, videos and other files. Here is our guide to perform Android Device Backup.

PART 1: Confirm and Download the Android 6.0 Update for Zenfone Zoom ZX551KL

  1. Confirm your Asus Zenfone Zoom is the right model for update. Go to Settings > About Phone > Software Version and check if its WW or CN in Current Software Version.
  2. Is it a WW model? You cannot use any other region’s model, like CN, TW, etc. IF yes then only proceed to next steps.
  3. Download the firmware update for your Asus Zenfone Zoom from here. File: (1.15 GB)
  4. Don’t extract the .zip file just yet as  it need to be transferred to root of your Internal Storage. Note: Don’t put it inside any folder or sub-folder of internal storage. Put it where you have folders like DCIM, Android, Movies, Ringtones, etc.

Part 2: Transfer the Update and Flash on Zenfone Zoom

  1. Disconnect the Zenfone Zoom from PC. Once you do this, phone should recognise the update automatically.
  2. Phone will show a notification saying ‘System Update File Detected.. Touch to start the system update’. That’s your thing.
  3. Touch the Notification to get a pop-up.
  4. Pop-up will show a filename of your update mentioning highlights of update tap on OK to start the process.
  5. Phone will enter recovery mode and will install the Android 6.0 on your Zenfone Zoom by itself. When it’s done, it will restart automatically, and you can go to Settings > About phone to confirm the new software version.
  6. Additionally you can Reset the Settings for ensuring complete refresh of device to avoid any hiccup post update.

That’s it. Need any help? Shoot it in the comments section below or Whatsapp us at +91-7008117168

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