I Apologise for Bashing Apple & iFans


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iSheeps and Lagdroid are two of most common trolling words often used by fans to troll their friends and those on internet and it was similar once for me.

I was an Android Fan and I still am but using iOS 9 has made me realise iPhone ain’t that bad for casual users and it actually is better than Android in many key areas.

First of all the experience on iPhone is so smooth that even you have a Snapdragon 820 Android Device you can’t expect it work that smooth as Apps are not optimized perfectly fir each and every variety of Droid currenltly available.

Second key point was the quality of Apps and Music on iPhone was way better than 99% Android devices. Only phones which trump iPhone in music playback are from HTC, but that’s it. Its louder, clear and better than other smartphones in terms of Music ‘Period’.

For the rest of debate it actually isn’t better for advanced users who like to meddle with their smartphones and download a lot on the go. The dreadful storage problem combined with sky high prices for the higher storage variants deterr customers.

Painful Safari browser can’t be replaced as a stock browser, third party keyboards restrictions to not include dictation key on iPhone, difficulty while moving cursor and many more of issues still plague iOS.

But for a casual user who does Gaming, Music and Social Networking that won’t be bothering and the smooth functioning of iPhones will provide them with better overall experience.

So before buying iPhone or Android don’t care about your friend and think what you want your phone to be & this will help you make right choice.

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