Why You Should Buy a Samsung Galaxy Note 7 in India? 


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Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is probably the best Galaxy Note ever but what is so exciting about it that compels you to upgrade lets find out.

  1. Looks & Design : Galaxy Note 7 is first Note Series smartphone to feature Dual Edge display and also carry an S-Pen. It looks superb and something from future. That premium you pay will surely make some jealous.
  2. Dual SIM & Jio 4G: Dual SIM is handy for those who use multiple handsets and those with single sim can get a Jio 4G sim to experience fast and unlimited data access on the go. Also if you need a single sim device it allows you to add microSD card slot.
  3. All New S-Pen and Water Resistance: The improved S-Pen can certainly ease various task and is a must for every artist. Also it is now Water Resistant with IP68 certification.
  4. Camera: Big Pixels are better than More Pixels and Samsung Note 7 has a 12 megapixels camera that can put every other cameraphone on market to shame.
  5. Iris Scanner: An iris scanner means now you no longer have to worry someone might access your device without you knowing unless that someone has snapped your eyeballs out of pockets.
  6. Super Fast: Do you expect anything less from a Galaxy Note flagship. It is amongst the fastest smartphone in market. Still for anyone with doubt Samsung also uses UFS storage which is fastest in market.
  7. Knox Security: Big corporates like to keep their secrets locked and Knox security is the leader in providing the most secure and almost hackproof security.

So guys this are the seven great reasons to grab a Samsung Galaxy Note 7 and it is currently priced ₹ 59,900.

Head to Flipkart, Amazon or Snapdeal to order one.

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